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Virtual event

Red Hat at Microsoft Ignite Virtual 2021

Watch recording from March 2, 2021
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Open hybrid cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure 

Together, Microsoft and Red Hat® offer more choice and flexibility for hybrid cloud deployments. 

We are committed to delivering enterprise operating systems, simplified container technologies, rigorous security standards, and an integrated support experience to help our enterprise customers and partners embrace hybrid cloud.

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Watch Red Hat's Stefanie Chiras, Vice President, Strategic Business, keynote session from Microsoft European Virtual Open Source Summit on the power of open source. 


Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides a flexible, self-service deployment of fully managed OpenShift clusters. Maintain regulatory compliance and focus on your application development, while your master, infrastructure, and application nodes are patched, updated, and monitored by both Microsoft and Red Hat. Choose your own registry, networking, storage, or CI/CD solutions. Or get going immediately using built-in solutions with automated source code management, container and application builds, deployments, scaling, health management, and more.

Visit this link during the Microsoft Ignite event dates (March 2-4) to learn more about ARO and be eligible to receive Red Hat swag!


Connect with Red Hat by joining our speaking sessions at Microsoft Ignite

Table Talk Session

Red Hat on Microsoft Azure—Simplify, automate, and migrate your workloads with a hybrid cloud approach

Speakers: Don Pinto, Technical Marketing Manager (Red Hat); James Read, Principal Solution Architect (Red Hat); Carlos Villuendas, Global Black Belt, Data Center Migration/Azure VMware Solution (Microsoft); Stuart Kirk, Global Black Belt, Cloud Native/Linux + Open Source (Microsoft)

Abstract: Join a technical round table with Microsoft & Red Hat architects to discuss different ways to migrate your Linux® workloads to Azure. From bare-metal or virtualized hosts to container workloads and Red Hat® OpenShift®, there is a migration process and solution to move your applications to Azure. Challenge architects with your migration projects and learn about where to start and items to consider on your journey to cloud computing and how to modernize them to take advantage of cloud-native services.

Ask the Experts Speaking Session

Build, deploy, and manage a security-focused hybrid environment with Red Hat and OpenShift

Speakers: Nick Gerasimatos, Senior Cloud Strategy Evangelist (Red Hat) & Vince Power, Global Partner Principal Solution Architect (Red Hat)

Abstract: Join Red Hat’s Nick Gerasimatos and Vince Power for an ask-the-expert session to discuss how working with Microsoft and Red Hat can help you tackle modern IT challenges with the right solutions. Integrated solutions, joint support, unified management, and interoperable application development capabilities give you more options for creating a security-focused hybrid environment that meets your business needs today and adapts to future change.

On-Demand Speaking Session

How Pelayo moved from traditional IT to DevOps with Red Hat and Microsoft

Speakers: James Read, Principal Solution Architect (Red Hat) & Oscar Rivas Sendin, CTO (Pelayo)

Abstract: Pelayo, a leading insurance company in Spain, is transforming its traditional IT to a more modernized architecture with cloud technology and DevOps processes in order to take advantage of new technologies that will help them operate more efficiently. Together with development and operations, Pelayo partnered with Red Hat and Microsoft to use Azure Red® Hat OpenShift® to  implement an architecture that will support both their legacy applications and the new technology and tools that will help drive their business forward.  

Join Pelayo as they discuss their experience adopting and using Azure Red Hat Openshift and the increased development focus, reduced time to market, and cost savings they have experienced.

Skilling Session

To the Azure cloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Image Builder

Speaker: Don Pinto, Technical Marketing Manager (Red Hat)

Abstract: To effortlessly migrate your Linux® workloads to cloud computing, simplicity, consistency, and repeatability are key elements. You need a standardized way to configure and create custom system images and effortlessly deploy them across your hybrid cloud environments. Come to this session to learn and watch a demo on how Red Hat® Enterprise Linux can meet this challenge.



Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, and supports software, consumer electronics and computers, and related services. To simplify and scale at pace with market demands, Microsoft worked with Red Hat to create a scalable, technology-agnostic automation framework to reduce manual workloads with efficient tools and processes, and mitigate performance and security issues with standardized, tested code. As a result, Microsoft has standardized network automation at scale, established a collaborative and creative development mindset, and saved thousands of hours of operational work.