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Virtual event

Red Hat at Sibos 2020 Virtual Experience

Watch recording from October 5, 2020


Continuous innovation in the cloud, the open source way 

Our world has transformed. Companies must simplify their use of technology while they expand their dependency on it, impacting teams and even their organizational  culture to be more agile and better meet changing demands. Red Hat is here to help you meet the needs of your customers—with technology that helps reduce cost, retain talent, and maintain compliance obligations.

We also power those that power you

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Mark your calendar for these sessions on Tuesday, October 6. 

Industry Panel: Best practices in cultural change and collaboration to lead financial organizations forward

Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 9:30 AM CET

Panelists include:

  • Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation, HSBC
  • ​Ashish Gupta, Head of Digital Strategy & Platforms for Derivatives, UBS
  • Sophia Wikander, Head of Ecommerce, Nordea
  • Orla Baker, Financial Services Cloud Advisory, Accenture

2020 is a year of hindsight. A chance to review, to reset and to re-envision the future of customers, the firm, and the industry. Having needed their institutions in new and more digital ways, the importance of strong, trusted relationships have been heightened both within and beyond the firm.

Join this panel of industry experts, partners and technology leaders, who will discuss:

  • Hindsight that is impacting current insight for preparations  moving forward.

  • How the change in collaboration experienced today is impacting how they innovate.

  • ​The impact to and on culture, changing their thought process for future revenue streams.

Watch the industry panel recording.



The cyber resource problem: Is it totally unsolvable?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 , 12:30 PM CET

Presented by:

  • Lucy Kerner, Senior Principal Global Cybersecurity Evangelist & Strategist, Red Hat
  • Tanuj Kapilashrami, Group Head Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank
  • ​Jonathan Allen, Director of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon Web Services

In cybersecurity, one of the largest macro-level risks we face is not (just) the criminal gangs but the fact that we simply don’t have enough qualified resources to mount a viable defense. It is widely reported that there are millions of unfilled cyber vacancies. Talented resources are difficult to find, expensive and hard to hold on to - the entire ecosystem across all industries, is after the same people. For the long-term this is untenable and we need to look for new, alternative answers, e.g. education programs that build from grass roots, encouraging women-in-cyber and internal cross-training or sharing resources across institutions. But are these measures sufficiently scalable or is this totally unsolvable?

View the conference agenda at a glance for this content and more.

Sibos TV

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Collaborating to build the future of finance

Darrell Jordan-Smith, Senior Vice President, Industries and Global Accounts, Red Hat
Scott Sajer, Vice President, Area Sales, Red Hat

Live air time: October 8 at 1:30 pm CET

Watch here

The events of the past year have changed the global perspective. As the world paused, banks emerged as potential instruments of social, economic, and environmental change. Banks and other institutions can move the world forward, not just through the donation of time and money, but through innovation. By working collaboratively with other industries to deliver financial services to places where services are needed, banks can open new lines of business and help lessen inequalities. 

Open-source is predicated on collaboration. The principle in its simplest form states that through collaboration in communities, the best solution will prevail. These principles can be applied to teams working together internally or externally, sharing ideas to benefit the community. Open source has played an important role in almost every aspect of our lives, from helping humanitarian efforts at UNICEF to enabling DBS Bank to forge forward and become true partners in their customers' lives. 

Join us to discuss the role that open source can play in times where the world needs leaders, and then become an agent of positive change. See how the power of collaboration can address our global challenges and lead to a brighter future.



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