Revolutionize networking with Ansible automation

Watch recording from March 21, 2019

You need to manage your network infrastructure—including legacy and open network infrastructure devices—using simple, powerful, and agentless automation throughout the entire production life cycle.
Gone are the days of hand typing commands into network devices one by one. With automation, previously isolated network administrators can finally "speak the same (automation) language" as the rest of the IT organization.
This webinar is a recording by Andrius Benokraitis, principal product manager for Red Hat® Ansible® Automation, and precedes a live Q&A session with Red Hat Ansible experts Joe Costigan and Will Tome. The webinar explains how network devices and systems can be included in an organization’s overall automation strategy for a holistic approach to application workload management. It covers Ansible automation throughout the entire production life cycle, including:

  • Automating configuration of the network stack from system to access to core services.
  • Testing and validating existing network states.
  • Continuously checking for network configuration drift to maintain compliance.


Live-event date: Thursday, March 21, 2019 | 2 p.m. ET

On-Demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Andrius Benokraitis

Product manager, Red Hat

Andrius Benokraitis is a principal product manager for Red Hat® Ansible® Automation, focusing on networking automation. Previously, he was a strategic alliance manager at startup Cumulus Networks. Before that, he held various roles at Red Hat for more than 11 years, focusing on partner enablement, support product management, and business analytics.

Joe Costigan

Ansible sales specialist, Red Hat

Joe Costigan has been an Ansible sales specialist at Red Hat for almost 3 years, working with customers along the East Coast of the U.S. and assisting with numerous global implementations and rollouts of Ansible. Before joining Red Hat, he worked as an investment banking analyst at TigerRisk Capital Markets & Advisory.

Will Tome

Senior solutions architect, Red Hat

Will Tome has been a senior solutions architect at Red Hat for almost 2 years, working with customers all around the globe while focusing on Ansible. He has assisted with large global implementations of Ansible and has worked with some of the largest U.S. companies on network automation. Before joining Red Hat, Will worked as a consulting practice lead for cloud management and automation solutions.