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Security and Compliance Automation for Financial Institutions

Watch recording from January 28, 2020

The threats to financial data are continuously evolving and newly-introduced compliance standards require more stringent enforcement. With the average cost of a breach now hovering around $4 million, Financial Institutions must do more to protect their networks, endpoints, and critical infrastructure.

Maintaining visibility, control, and ensuring governance and compliance remains paramount, but it becomes more difficult and time-consuming in a hybrid infrastructure consisting of physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments. Security and compliance challenges across IT and Network operations will benefit from an integrated, proactive automation strategy. 

Join Lucy Kerner, Global Senior Principal Security Technical Evangelist and Strategist at Red Hat for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Implement a security and compliance automation workflow by automating audit scans to quickly detect and automatically remediate security and compliance issues in a controlled way, at scale, across a hybrid environment.

  • Identify and remediate security threats proactively with predictive analytics. 

  • Implement infrastructure, security, and compliance as code.

  • Automate patch and configuration management for consistency and repeatability across your hybrid environments. 

  • Deliver continuous security and monitoring that is centrally managed for your hybrid infrastructure.

  • Build security into the application, in an automation fashion, by implementing DevSecOps at scale with a secure CI/CD application pipeline in a containerized infrastructure.

  • Automate the security operations center by integrating and orchestrating the activity of multiple classes of security tools.