How a service mesh helps to address cross-cutting concerns of microservices architectures

Watch recording from July 23, 2019

A webinar created and hosted by Red Hat exclusively for Siemens

Building containerised cloud-native applications demands that you address the cross-cutting concerns of highly distributed applications. And this, in turn, means learning and implementing new patterns, such as circuit breakers, canary releases, blue-green deployment, dark launches, tracing… all these are necessary to retain control.

If you choose to throw frameworks or languages at the problem, there’s a risk of contaminating your business logic with even more boiler-plate and glue code.

There’s a better way and that’s to address these concerns in the platform using a service mesh. This not only provides the glue for microservices, it lets you view and manage the microservice relations, which is the foundation for secure development and rollout in production.

In this webinar, we will introduce Istio as a service mesh platform. We’ll show how it transforms the way you build cloud-native applications and reduces the programming overhead of building distributed architectures.

Join us for this webinar to learn about:

  • The cross-cutting concerns of modern, cloud-native, highly distributed applications
  • How Istio can help to connect, secure, control and observe services

…and see a live demo of Istio in action.

Who should join this Siemens-only event?
Software architects, developers and administrators will all benefit from joining this webinar.


Daniel Froelich

Daniel Fröhlich

Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

Daniel considers himself a catalyst in bringing together the necessary resources (people, technology, methods) to make mission-critical projects a success. Daniel has over 15 years’ consulting experience in the Java enterprise field. In recent years, he has focused on cloud-native apps and container technology.

Ortwin Schneider

Ortwin Schneider

Solution Architect, Middleware, Red Hat

Ortwin has been developing software solutions for various industries for over a decade. He is interested in software architectures that use the hybrid cloud and cloud-native model, and in helping customers to adopt the cloud-native path with Red Hat’s comprehensive middleware portfolio. For the past 9 years, Ortwin has led an agile development team.