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A thought-provoking conversation with Tom Davenport on how to fuel and navigate organizational change

Watch recording from November 10, 2021
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A thought-provoking conversation with Tom Davenport on how to fuel and navigate organizational change

Integrating digital technology into all areas of a business is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business. It requires foundational investments in skills, projects, infrastructure, and often, new or rebuilt IT systems. 

Overcoming cultural challenges was important to IT leaders prior to 2021, but in the wake of global disruption, organizations are now forced to rethink their traditional strategies in order to adapt and survive. 

An open approach to leadership means building an organization that can thrive, even during the most turbulent times. Leaders must weave values, principles, and norms into the fabric of their organizations to ensure people remain aligned, unified, engaged, and empowered. But with the future rapidly changing, how are IT executives supposed to plan for the unknown? 

Join Tom Davenport, world-renowned thought leader and author at the forefront of digital innovation, to discuss his perspectives and best practices on how to build a culture that can be a powerful force for innovation. Speaking alongside Tom is Michael Walker, Red Hat’s Global Head of Open Innovation Labs and Transformation Services.

These experts will discuss:

  • How companies can learn from transformation lessons and turn them into practical strategies.
  • Why building a collaborative, fail-fast culture is more important than ever when integrating digital technology into all areas of a business.
  • How to nurture a connected, innovative culture by balancing experimentation with tried-and-true practices.

Event date: Wednesday, November 10 | 2:00pm ET

Speakers: Tom Davenport & Mike Walker


Tom Davenport

Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Tom Davenport is the President's Distinguished Professor of IT and Management at Babson College, Visiting Professor at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, a Digital Fellow at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and a Senior Advisor to Deloitte's Analytics and AI practice. Tom has been a professor at several universities (Harvard, University of Chicago, University of Texas) and a consultant or partner at several leading consulting firms (McKinsey, EY, Accenture). He teaches, researches, writes, and speaks about the impacts of information technology on people and organizations. His specific enthusiasms over the years have included business process reengineering, ERP, knowledge management, analytics, and AI. He has published many books and articles  about these topics.

Mike Walker

Head of Open Innovation Labs and Transformation Services, Red Hat

Mike Walker is the Head of Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs and Transformation Services, where they apply an experimental approach to building great teams that build innovative apps to solve tough business challenges. Mike has more than 20 years of engineering and software consulting experience, including specializations in cloud computing, data integration, high-performance computing, and distributed systems.