Red Hat Infrastructure
Migration Solution

We know shifting from a legacy to a managed cloud infrastructure is daunting. Proprietary technology accumulated over the years can hold you back from making the move.

That’s why our infrastructure migration process is designed to help you transition seamlessly to the cloud, accelerating your digital transformation to keep pace with ever-changing business demands.

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Process of a Successful Cloud Migration

Step 1: Mapping your journey

Every migration requires planning. During this stage, we’ll assess your current infrastructure and applications. Through a comprehensive analysis, you’ll receive a personalised migration strategy on moving to the open hybrid cloud.

Step 2: Running a pilot

Over the next 9 to 12 weeks, we’ll build a production-ready Red Hat ® Virtualisation or Red Hat® OpenStack ® Platform environment, depending on your requirements. This allows us to run test migrations on an initial set of virtual machines (VMs) selected based on complexity and prioritisation.

Step 3: Making the move

With your new platform up and running, you can begin migrating workloads to the cloud based on schedule and application stakeholder needs. Our Red Hat® Customer Experience and Engagement is always on hand to provide ongoing migration support.

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