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Virtualization is the foundation of the modern datacenter, from traditional to cloud

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We've invested heavily in infrastructure solutions that have reached end-of-life and are stifling innovation. How do we move forward without throwing away past investments?


Move into the future with open, scalable virtualization and management. With the flexibility and openness of Red Hat® Virtualization, your organization can make better use of your current infrastructure while building the foundation for future advancement, such as cloud implementations. Along with Red Hat management solutions—such as Ansible® by Red Hat, Red Hat CloudForms®, Red Hat Satellite, and Red Hat Insights—you can quickly grow to adopt new technologies while easing the problems, waste, and vulnerabilities that comes with maintaining legacy infrastructure and apps.

Red Hat Virtualization and management solutions help your organization take advantage of current infrastructure investments while simplifying the adoption of new cloud and container technologies.

3-year cost savings of a Red Hat Virtualization customer1


ROI in 3 years


Net present value

5 months

Payback period

Is your virtualization investment yielding
a big enough return?

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1Source: Red Hat Virtualization Increases Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness Of Virtualization, a January 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat.

Success Story

Intermountain Healthcare

Moved from legacy proprietary systems to open source

Change is often a hard thing to sell. A lot of what we did was meet with our key business units and let them know some of the direction we thought we should take as a company. Part of that was moving from a proprietary solution to a more open solution that gives us more flexibility and choices.

Brett Lawson, Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Intermountain Healthcare

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Open source is a strategic alternative

Proprietary virtualization software thrives on high upgrade costs and charging more for access to advanced features. Red Hat Virtualization frees you from that kind of vendor lock-in—and provides greater cost efficiencies, less maintenance, and military-grade security.

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Red Hat Virtualization is a complete infrastructure solution for virtualized servers and workstations. Built on the powerful Red Hat Enterprise Linux® platform, Red Hat Virtualization delivers agility, security, reliability, and scalability for virtualized, resource-intensive workloads and provides the lowest total cost of ownership among enterprise virtualization platforms.

It helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure with better performance, competitive pricing, and a trusted Red Hat environment.

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  • Bill Helgesonsenior principal domain architect, Red Hat
  • Matt Nolansenior cloud architect, Red Hat

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