Automate the everyday.
Focus on what matters.

Automating routine tasks and workflows frees you up to spend more time on innovation. Red Hat's® portfolio of technologies lets cloud and management tools work in harmony to simplify the complex and take manual chores off the to-do list.

Automate. Innovate. Repeat.

A broad portfolio for the entire enterprise

Red Hat’s open source approach revolutionized the operating system. Today, we’re doing the same across the IT landscape.

Hybrid cloud

The smartest approach to the cloud is a hybrid one. For enterprises and smaller organizations alike, it’s essential to build a cloud strategy that nimbly navigates public and private cloud resources, on-premise systems, containers, and more.

FICO reaches new customers from the cloud


Containers are the key to casting off constraints. By releasing applications from dependencies, they give developers the agility to build lighter, more portable apps―and to build them faster.

Macquarie handles customer demand with containers

We can support peaks and high volumes of customers on the system—and grow—without drama.

Luis Uguina, chief digital officer, Macquarie's Banking and Financial Services Group


New apps, new data, and new users: They don’t sit so comfortably alongside their older counterparts. But with the right technology solutions, legacy systems and recent ones can integrate seamlessly, freeing you to focus on innovation.

Avianca improves the flying experience with integration


An IT environment is a complex place. As infrastructures, applications, data, and users multiply, it gets harder to oversee and administer an IT ecosystem. Open source management and automation tools make it simpler.

Cox Automotive revs up dev with better management


When development and operations teams unite, IT becomes the innovation engine for the enterprise. DevOps technologies and principles bring teams together to propel business transformation.

Barclays opts for DevOps to innovate faster

Open technology built for change

In an IT landscape that’s always shifting, it’s impossible to plan for everything. But with the right tools, you can be prepared for anything.

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