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We need a way to deliver quality solutions—more frequently and flexibly. How can we bridge the divide between business knowledge and development teams?


With process-driven, mobile solutions developers are able to rapidly build apps alongside business users empowered to participate in app design and maintenance. This leads to lowered demand for skilled developers and results in apps that more closely align to business needs.

Solutions from Red Hat, including Red Hat® Process Automation Manager, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform, give your organization all the pieces necessary to build and run business and mobile apps that deliver what customers demand.

The BPM and mobile platforms combine to enable the creation of mobile apps where users increasingly interact with business processes. It's all available across your enterprise—on-premise and public and private clouds—through a common platform in OpenShift.

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Red Hat Process Automation Manager enables enterprise business and IT users to document, simulate, manage, automate and monitor business processes and policies. It is designed to empower business and IT users to collaborate more effectively, so business applications can be changed more easily and quickly.

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  • Cloud-ready architecture
  • Rich, standards-based APIs
  • Powerful management and automation
  • Advanced business activity monitoring dashboards and reports
  • Fully supported
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    David Bush Senior Consultant, Business Automation Practice, Red Hat

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