Why software-defined storage for telecommunications?

Software-defined storage allows communications service providers (CSPs) to scale across physical, virtual, and cloud resources without making changes to their hardware.

With a distributed architecture and erasure coding capabilities, it addresses the challenges associated with rapid archive growth, highly distributed users, and separate storage pools.

Red Hat® Data Services are a standards-based and open source software-defined solution, addressing CSPs needs for:

  • Object storage for rich media. Red Hat Data Services give CSPs the flexibility to address their cold (archive), warm, and hot data needs. It can deploy and scale in minutes, managing storage nodes through a single user interface.
  • Complete OpenStack® storage. Red Hat Data Services are fully integrated with OpenStack’s modular architecture and components, offering a single platform to support block, object, and file storage.
  • Containerized storage. Red Hat Data Services give CSPs the power to orchestrate applications and storage on side-by-side containers. It secures against threats by isolating workloads and data, allowing better tracking and retrieval.

The shift to software-defined storage is largely motivated by the growing amount of data being generated, collected, and managed… Traditional storage devices offer administrators little visibility, impede integration, and limit tool choices to proprietary options.

Reduce complexity. Scale confidently.


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Offers mature interfaces for block and object storage, making it well suited for archival, rich media, and cloud infrastructure workloads

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Provides high-performance network file system (NFS) and server message block (SMB) interfaces, and is best suited for analytics, rich media, file sync and share, and virtualization workloads

Object Storage Video

Red Hat Ceph Storage for object storage workloads

In our mobile world, with larger file sizes and greater file quantities, legacy file storage can’t keep pace. In this video, learn the benefits of object storage and see how Red Hat® Ceph Storage gives customers the flexibility, availability, and reliability needed to stay ahead.

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