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Measuring the Business Value of an Exceptional Customer Experience

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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Webinar sponsored by Red Hat

Customer experience (CX) is critical to every organization’s success. It affects an organization’s ability to differentiate its brand, generate revenue, and foster customer loyalty.

But quantifying CX has been elusive. Various metrics, like Net Promoter Score, can assess whether a customer would recommend a brand, but can't assess the impact of the performance of different aspects of CX.

Alex Clemente shared the results of a Harvard Business Review - Analytic Services (HBR-AS) Pulse Survey about measuring the value of customer experience in a recent webinar. Marco Bill-Peter, senior vice president of CX and operations at Red Hat, and Shamim Mohammad, senior vice president and chief information and technology officer at CarMax joined Alex to discuss: 

  • New metrics that companies are using to quantify CX more granularly
  • The importance of widely and securely sharing customer data throughout an organization to create a shared understanding of the customer and their experience
  • How to use data to understand and anticipate customers’ needs
  • The importance of personalizing the experience for customers in all industries

Bill-Peter and Mohammad described how their organizations are measuring the end-to-end CX and are using data and analytics to personalize the experience.