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What is Co.Lab?

Co.Lab, presented by Open Source Stories, is an education experience based on open source principles that gives students access to the vast world of technology.

Launched in 2017 as an outreach effort to increase interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning, the program uses do-it-yourself kits and interactive workshops to empower students to solve complex problems together using open source.

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Co.Lab is a flexible, scalable program that offers something for everyone.

Guided workshops

Educators and schools

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Ideal for educators and schools, guided workshops let students learn from an instructor as they solve a specific challenge using open hardware and open source methodologies.

Do-it-yourself kits

Parents and students

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Great for parents and students, do-it-yourself kits teach kids to solve problems themselves as they build everything from circuit boards to interactive robots from scratch.

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The evolution of Co.Lab

The Co. Lab program began as a way to extend community outreach efforts and get more students interested in technology. While its mission remains the same, Co.Lab has rapidly evolved into a self-serve Red Hat® program, that has shifted to accommodate virtual learning options, empower individuals to run workshops of their own, and make kits available to a broader audience.

Because we believe all students should have a chance to build together, no matter where they live.

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Building with open source

With our do-it-yourself kits, students can learn how breadboards and circuits work, how to build a robot and make it walk, and how to create a farm while learning circuitry basics—all using open source methodologies. These kits empower them to create on their own, using their problem-solving abilities and STEM skills to build great things.

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What people are saying

Teaching Co.Lab was a fun shared experience, both for me and the students! Seeing their faces light up along with their LED cards was a proud moment for me because I was able to effectively teach them something new and exciting, all over a webcam.

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It is increasingly important for young coders to have collaborative, community-led initiatives like this so they can develop enterprising career-ready skills.

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I learned that open source is open to the community, and open to the person, where anyone can see it if they search for something. I think open source can really help you find anything.

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Co.Lab around the world

Because working in the open is a universal concept, Co.Lab’s efforts have reached a global scale. We’ve connected with students in more than a dozen countries since launching the program.

Visit our Spanish site Visit our Portuguese site

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Extending our commitment

Co.Lab is just one way we demonstrate our dedication to open source. Learn how we champion software freedom to protect the open source ecosystem, foster innovation through an open organizational culture, and donate our time and resources to STEM programs around the world.

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