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dorn cox inspecting crops

Dorn Cox knows restoring our environment is too big a job for one person to do alone. Open source agriculture means he doesn’t have to.

dorn cox in greenhouse

Dorn Cox, Ph.D.

Research director, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

Open source hardware and software manage many tasks at Wolfe’s Neck Center and on Cox’s own farm in Freeport, Maine. Open source philosophy is the foundation of Farm Hack, Gathering for Open Ag Tech (GOAT) and FarmOS, online projects Dorn cofounded to give farmers new ways to share projects and knowledge.

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Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

Sustainable coastal farm and interactive education hub, Maine

At Wolfe’s Neck Center, more than 80 different environmental sensors collect data from the soil to the air (and everything in between); when combined with open source communities, this data becomes a valuable resource for regenerative agriculture innovation.

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cattle at wolfes neck center
farmOS raspberry pi crop sensor


Open source agricultural management platform

From animals to planting to equipment, farmOS lets growers harvest, upload, and standardize data from every aspect of their farms on the same platform. By integrating agricultural data from multiple farms into open source communities, everyone gets a chance to see the bigger agricultural picture and make meaningful contributions. Because farming, like open source, is not an isolated experience.

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