Red Hat OpenShift 4

Red Hat® OpenShift® expands enterprise Kubernetes with full-stack automated ops to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments.

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What’s new in Red Hat OpenShift 4

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Immutable Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS

Improved installation based on immutable Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® CoreOS for consistency and upgradability.

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Operator framework

Single-step installation for Kubernetes applications and services, plus automated, over-the-air updates and performance tuning with Kubernetes operators.

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OpenShift service mesh

Increased resiliency and performance for your distributed applications with OpenShift service mesh.

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Knative framework

Developer-friendly serverless framework and components for building, serving, and running event-driven applications.

Full-stack automated operations

Red Hat OpenShift 4 offers automated installation, upgrades, and life cycle management for every part of your container stack.

  • Single-step installation for Kubernetes applications
  • Centralized administrative control for over-the-air updates and performance tuning with Kubernetes operators
  • Continuous security through built-in authentication and authorization, secrets management, auditing, logging, and integrated container registry
OpenShift development
OpenShift development piece
OpenShift development piece
OpenShift development piece

Support for developer productivity

Code in production mode for any infrastructure. Red Hat OpenShift 4 supports well-known developer tools and helps streamline your build and delivery workflows.

  • Code in production-like environments with developer self service and Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces
  • Support for your choice of languages, databases, frameworks, and tooling
  • Streamlined workflows like automated container builds, built-in CI/CD, and application deployments

Built-in service mesh for microservices

Microservices architectures can cause communication between services to become complicated to encode and manage. The OpenShift service mesh abstracts the logic of interservice communication into a dedicated infrastructure layer, so communication is more efficient and distributed applications are more resilient.

  • Installed and updated via Kubernetes operators
  • Incorporates Istio service mesh, Jaeger (for tracing), and Kiali (for visibility) on a security-focused, enterprise platform
  • Frees developers from being responsible for service-to-service communication
OpenShift Kubernetes infrastructure

A unified Kubernetes experience on any infrastructure

Red Hat OpenShift 4 is a consistent, managed Kubernetes experience for on-premises and cloud-based deployments.

With unified ops and admin controls, workloads are decoupled from infrastructure, meaning less time spent on system maintenance, more time coding critical services.

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