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Every day, open source leads people to new ideas, shapes careers, and ultimately changes lives. We invite you to share your passion for open source with #CodeIsOpen.

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Javiera de la Fuente

Javiera de la Fuenta photo

We wanted to ensure that any other national park could apply what we had learned. Making AI takes lots of time. As we’re mapping biodiversity, if each park does its own, it will be faster.“

Javiera is the founder of the Al Sur del Sur Foundation, which promotes the conservation of biodiversity through open source technology. She helped ranchers in southern Chile use open source hardware and software to tend their flocks with less environmental impact.

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Horst Thieme photo

Horst Thieme @horst_thieme

Your code: It’s what you write, debug, test, and run. But it’s also what makes you *want* to contribute. The commitment behind the commits. If you believe―as we do―that software innovation needs collaboration, then your #CodeIsOpen.

Dr. Ellen Grant

Medicine, at its core, is a collaborative effort to improve human health. The science must be transparent so that teams with complementary expertise can build on each other's advancements.

Dr. Grant is the Director of the Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging and Developmental Science Center at Children's Hospital Boston. Her work on the open source ChRIS project is leading to faster treatment of patients.

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Ellen Grant photo

Sumit Shatwara photo

Sumit Shatwara @sumit7990

Working for my first open source project called #openstack to writing my first code in open source programming language and loving open source projects like #kubernetes #openshift, this open source world has transformed my career to a whole new level.

Alicia Gibb

Alicia Gibb photo

My #CodeisOpen because I learned from open source code (Processing first, then Aruduino) and opening my code is my way of giving back.

Alicia is a researcher, hardware hacker, and an advocate for open source hardware. She founded the Open Source Hardware Association to encourage research that is accessible, collaborative, and respects user freedom.

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Allie DeVolder

My #CodeisOpen because I not only work using open source principles, but live my life by them. I use these ideals for work projects, personal projects, life decisions, and even my transition.

Allie is a Principal Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat and she's a member of the Red Hat Pride Leadership Team. She open sourced her gender transition to help support others going through the process.

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Allie DeVolder photo

Adam Miller photo

Adam Miller @TheMaxamillion

Open-Source taught me to always give back. The meaning of it has an impact footprint higher than just software. It reaches community and forms a culture worth living in. When I saw that, it got me started.

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Innovation requires collaboration

Advancements aren’t made in a vacuum. They happen when people share great ideas and build on them to make something useful.

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