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Every day, open source leads people to new ideas, shapes careers, and ultimately changes lives. We invite you to share your passion for open source with #CodeIsOpen.

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Netha Hussain

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I believe that collaboration leads to synergistic results. With collaboration, we can achieve more than the sum of the parts taken together.

Netha is a medical doctor and researcher who studies the use of VR technology in measuring stroke recovery. She was named the 2020 Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award winner for her contributions to medicine and open technology.

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Horst Thieme photo

Horst Thieme @horst_thieme

Your code: It’s what you write, debug, test, and run. But it’s also what makes you *want* to contribute. The commitment behind the commits. If you believe―as we do―that software innovation needs collaboration, then your #CodeIsOpen.

Javiera de la Fuente

We wanted to ensure that any other national park could apply what we had learned. Making AI takes lots of time. As we’re mapping biodiversity, if each park does its own, it will be faster.

Javiera is the founder of the Al Sur del Sur Foundation, which promotes the conservation of biodiversity through open source technology. She helped ranchers in southern Chile use open source hardware and software to tend their flocks with less environmental impact.

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Máirín “Mo” Duffy

Mo Duffy photo

We will find better solutions faster if we can collaborate and build on each other's work. My #codeisopen so that I can more easily work with others, and so the next generation can build upon it.

Mo is a principal interaction designer at Red Hat. She’s always been passionate about UX because of its potential to help people—but it was a sudden life event that inspired her to work on ChRIS.

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Sumit Shatwara photo

Sumit Shatwara @sumit7990

Working for my first open source project called #openstack to writing my first code in open source programming language and loving open source projects like #kubernetes #openshift, this open source world has transformed my career to a whole new level.

Allie DeVolder

My #CodeisOpen because I not only work using open source principles, but live my life by them. I use these ideals for work projects, personal projects, life decisions, and even my transition.

Allie is a Principal Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat and she's a member of the Red Hat Pride Leadership Team. She open sourced her gender transition to help support others going through the process.

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Justin W. Flory

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Open code is an opportunity to innovate together with others, and shows us the way for how we can collaborate beyond just code.

Justin is a creative maker and UNICEF’s Open Source Software Technical Advisor. He participates in many open source communities and has represented Fedora internationally at events and conferences. He aims to build sustainable software and communities.

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Adam Miller photo

Adam Miller @TheMaxamillion

Open-Source taught me to always give back. The meaning of it has an impact footprint higher than just software. It reaches community and forms a culture worth living in. When I saw that, it got me started.

Bodo Tasche

When I started to build SignDict, I wanted to create a shared knowledge base of all signs in the German sign language that was as open as possible. Built by many, used by hundreds of thousands.

Bodo is a Berlin-based freelance polyglot developer and the creator of SignDict, an open source sign language dictionary. He has taken on a variety of roles, from Java to backend developer to the CTO of an agency.

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