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With a complete portfolio of open hybrid cloud solutions and a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud and hardware partners, Red Hat offers solutions that let your teams focus on the task at hand.

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Hybrid cloud flexibility

Our vision

Open hybrid cloud is Red Hat's recommended strategy for architecting, developing, and operating a hybrid mix of applications. It’s an approach that delivers a truly flexible cloud experience with the speed, stability, and scale required for digital business transformation.

For Employers Holding Inc.

For Employers Holding Inc., embracing the cloud was imperative. Traditional infrastructure and manual processes were keeping the 107-year-old insurer from the digital spaces where potential customers compare quotes and make choices. Backed by our flexible, open platforms and our consulting team, they’re now running workloads across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and IBM clouds. And new sales are up 40% over three years.

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Edge performance

Our vision

Edge computing is an important part of an open hybrid cloud vision. It allows you to achieve a consistent application and operations experience across your entire architecture through a common, horizontal platform.

On the ISS

The software developers who support scientific research on the International Space Station (ISS) need to know their applications will work as well in space as they do in test environments on Earth. Red Hat worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and other partners to develop a container solution that meets that need.

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5G reliability

Our vision

The internet of things is here. And with 5G network infrastructure as its backbone, it’s making the places and processes that guide our lives smarter, safer, and better. Smart technologies can turn a city streetscape or a factory floor into a place where devices improve everyday life. The key is the software supporting those devices, from the networks that link them to the platforms that empower them.

In smart cities

In smart cities, stoplights see traffic and tweak cycles to keep commuters moving or give priority to emergency vehicles. Buses monitor their own health and send automated maintenance alerts. Sensors identify threats to water and air quality early. By working with partners like FIWARE and NVIDIA, we build interoperable solutions to connect the sensors, networks, and clouds that make up smart cities―regardless of who makes them.

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Clarify your cloud visionClarify your cloud vision

Clarify your cloud vision

An open hybrid cloud strategy gives you the flexibility to run your applications across any environment.

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