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The power of collaboration

When the leader in enterprise open source software partners with a company that truly understands and promotes the benefits of open source software, everyone wins. Especially our customers.

What we're doing together

Technology changes. Our commitment doesn't.

For more than a decade, Accenture and Red Hat have teamed up to help businesses and governments implement open source solutions for complex enterprise-scale projects.

Accenture and Red Hat help organizations develop open source solutions to increase enterprise agility, accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and improve quality and security.

Open source solution stacks

Turn-key solutions that ease the transition to new technologies

SAP private clouds

Highly virtualized infrastructures with the same data security and integrity as on-premise technology

Accenture Video Solution

Manages, delivers, and monetizes digital video in a seamless user experience

Virtualization To Cloud Migration Accelerator

Migration of virtual workloads to a secure, reliable Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform environment in minutes.

What we are seeing is the coming of age of open source for large corporate enterprises. Through both our research and our work with clients, we are seeing an increase in demand for open source based on quality, reliability and speed, not just cost savings.

Paul Daugherty, chief technology architect, Accenture

Open Source Solution Stacks

A sturdy bridge to a brighter future

Accenture and Red Hat foster continuous innovation in open source by collaborating to incorporate leading technology into solution stacks and industry solutions. Together, they are increasing speed to market, enhancing flexibility, and improving security to help their clients achieve better business results.

Accenture conducts assessments of application portfolios to identify opportunities for open source migration and analyze financial benefit and technical strategy alignment. The outcome of the assessment helps Accenture recommend whether systems should be sustained as-is or migrated in whole or in part to an open source stack.

Accenture embeds Red Hat products in repeatable industry and cloud-based computing solutions, supporting industries such as government, banking, insurance, telecommunications, and freight and logistics.

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SAP Private Clouds

Better SAP performance made simple

Accenture’s private cloud solution for SAP, built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications, is a powerful combination of hardware, software, and services designed to improve flexibility, lower costs, and deliver previously unrealized capabilities in mobility and analytics.

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Accenture Video Solution

Keeping the world connected

The Accenture Video Solution, built with Red Hat JBoss Middleware running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, improves performance through advanced broadband video capabilities and delivers a personalized content experience at any time and on any device. The open, modular software platform manages, delivers, and monetizes digital video in a seamless easy-to-use interface.

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Accenture Virtualization to Openstack Migration Accelerator

Prepare for liftoff

The prospect of manually migrating workloads from a traditional virtual environment to a hybrid cloud may cause businesses to hesitate or put only new applications on this agile framework, limiting the return on cloud investment.

Accenture and Red Hat have collaborated on an automated migration solution that enables clients to migrate entire proprietary virtual workloads to OpenStack with the touch of a button, with little (if any) disruption to daily activities. With this repeatable solution based on a deployment at a major US financial services firm, the potential for reduction in costs, provisioning/migration times, and environmental complexity is significant.

Watch the OpenSlava session

Banking platform business model

Creating agility in open banking

Complying with the growing number of banking regulations worldwide is costly for banks, and it can have serious impact on their business. However, banks that embrace the regulations and approach them head-on can improve their banking platform business models and be better prepared for the future.

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