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Modern application development and cloud technologies can help businesses expand into new markets. Together, Red Hat and Alibaba Cloud are building cloud infrastructures designed for stability, speed, flexibility, and performance.

As the top public cloud and a leading Red Hat partner in China, we are glad to collaborate closely with Red Hat and be a strategic Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider in the Chinese enterprise IT market. Alibaba Cloud is committed to bringing the next generation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to our customers to help them with their digital transformation efforts.

Linquan Jiang

General Manager of Elastic Compute Service, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence


Alibaba Cloud and Red Hat

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Delivers a modern cloud foundation, helping to reduce costs and manage risk.

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Ensures a stable, scalable, supported, and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments.

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Red Hat product experts ensure solutions are certified, so they can be implemented faster.


Freedom and flexibility

Alibaba marketplace

Alibaba Cloud customers without a Red Hat subscription can purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux® directly from the Alibaba Marketplace on-demand. Use a pay-as-you-go consumption model, and take advantage of Alibaba Cloud technical support.

Use your Red Hat subscription

With Red Hat Cloud Access, you have the freedom and choice to use your subscriptions in your datacenter or in the Alibaba Cloud while maintaining your relationship with Red Hat’s award-winning support services.

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