Unifying data management

Align your data and application modernization strategy across all types of hybrid cloud environments.

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What we’re doing together

Red Hat and Couchbase reduce complexity and create flexibility across IT environments while giving developers the ability to deploy databases and applications rapidly and consistently. Using integrated, certified, and jointly supported solutions, your teams can deploy hybrid data architectures, balance performance trade-offs, protect against downtime and data loss, and overcome skills gaps.


Reduce complexity

A hybrid approach creates flexibility that reduces complexity from the datacenter to cloud and edge deployments.

Deploy rapidly and consistently

A unified, consistent way to deploy databases and data analytics supports transformative cloud-native applications.


Bridge the gap

Use Couchbase as an autonomous, fully managed, stateful database application next to stateless microservices applications all within the same OpenShift® cluster.

Unify data access

Maintain consistency across environments with a unified way to access and interact with data across traditional and cloud-native applications.


Reduce costs

Integrated platforms reduce the cost of deploying, operating, and maintaining multiple database technologies. 

Red Hat is a key Couchbase technology partner, providing a joint solution that allows customers to build and modernize business-critical web, mobile, and IoT applications from the cloud to the edge. By combining an industry-leading open hybrid cloud with an award-winning cloud database platform, Red Hat and Couchbase help joint customers align to an ever-evolving set of data and application strategies.

Matt McDonough

Matt McDonough

SVP, Business Development & Strategy, Couchbase


Couchbase on Red Hat OpenShift

Couchbase on Red Hat® OpenShift provides an agile and cost-effective framework for efficiently developing and running highly scalable and reliable applications. The joint solution helps you use your data effectively as part of a data-first digital transformation strategy. The strategic partnership combines Red Hat OpenShift with Couchbase’s database platform and provides native services for end-to-end application development. 

The combined solution is ideal for building and scaling web, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), connected and disconnected mobile, and other highly transactional, low-latency modern applications.


Data-driven innovation

Transform customer experiences using data from digital interactions.



Accelerate development and deployment of new customer engagement applications.


Ease of use

Rely on prebuilt development tools, runtimes, and automation.



Run essential business applications on any cloud or on-site location.



Scale cloud-native web, IoT, AI/ML, and mobile applications.


Flexible consumption

Use a flexible, pay-as-you-go consumption model.

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