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Partners: Red Hat and Intel Intelligent Edge Solution Center

Accelerate edge computing innovation

Develop open source edge computing solutions to advance the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

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Red Hat and Intel Intelligent Edge Solution Center

Red Hat and Intel are advancing the Industry 4.0 ecosystem with a collaborative lab environment to accelerate the development, deployment, and management of integrated edge and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions.

The center provides an opportunity to innovate; it offers access to the latest edge hardware, software ecosystem support, and a controlled environment that is optimized for energy and industrial market needs. Working with Intel and Red Hat allows you to rapidly tune edge solutions for your specific use cases and business challenges.

Red Hat and Intel logos

Achieve advanced, interoperable, security-focused, and scalable edge solutions

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is at the heart of our edge strategy, extending a common automation experience wherever you need, from datacenter, to cloud, to edge. IT operations teams can manage all services needed to deliver edge solutions with focus on security, efficiency, and consistency at large scale while developers gain the freedom to build, run, and manage applications using their preferred tools and processes.

We are looking for our customers as well as many of the existing and up-and-coming solution test and evaluate how we can collaborate together. This collaboration really is a starting point for us to innovate and continuously improve together as a collective community.

Kelly Swift

Senior Director, Edge and AI Sales Development

Red Hat ecosystem partners

Red Hat and Intel work together to bring edge innovations to our energy, industrial, and platform partners such as Lenovo, Rockwell Automation, OnLogic, Axiomtek, Raritan, Honeywell Matrikon, Inductive Automation, and many others. Our innovations include hardware and software advancements in areas such as AI/ML, security, analytics, and automation.

Start collaborating today

Accelerate your edge deployments by working with Intel, Red Hat, and ecosystem partners. Use the form below to participate at the Intelligent Edge Solution Center.