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Partners: Red Hat and Intel

Accelerating optimized software-defined infrastructure deployments

Spanning more than 25 years, Intel and Red Hat’s long history of engineering achievements include the most advanced software-defined infrastructure and industry-standard platforms that improve datacenter agility and flexibility.

Red Hat and Intel

Enterprise-level solutions

Red Hat and Intel provide the most innovative and secure enterprise-level solutions that increase IT agility and innovation to deliver a competitive advantage through IT services, including:

  • Advanced software-defined infrastructure solutions that help enterprises improve efficiency, secure data, and deliver better business results.
  • Industry-standard platforms to improve datacenter agility and flexibility and position IT organizations and lines of business to support demands of the future.
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Better together

Innovation and performance to transform IT

Standardize and optimize your infrastructure with joint solutions developed with Intel’s secure, efficient, high-performance, and reliable datacenter platform architecture.

As a team, Intel and Red Hat provide

  • Secure, open, industry-standard foundation to support operational efficiency and rapid innovation.
  • Broad portfolio of products and services, including a common management platform that delivers both conventional and cloud-native workloads for greater IT agility and efficiency.
  • Tight integration and engineering collaboration to take maximum advantage of new processor features and performance.

Intel and Red Hat: IT for the agile enterprise


Intermountain Healthcare used Red Hat software on Intel infrastructure to modernize its IT systems

See how Intel and Red Hat partnered to move Intermountain Healthcare from proprietary to open source solutions, reducing costs while providing greater availability and uptime.

Private and hybrid cloud essentials

Focus on delivery of software-defined infrastructure solutions

Enterprise-grade OpenStack

Build a scalable and secure open cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of our common vision to enhance enterprise-grade features and reliability in OpenStack® technology.


Software-defined networking

Manage large networks simply and securely, whether on- or off-premise. Transform your network to reduce your total cost of ownership, increase flexibility, and improve performance.


Software-defined storage

Reduce total cost of ownership for storage while increasing capacity. Migrate to robust solutions on industry-standard servers. Provide data management and protection services across clusters of standard x86 servers.

Enterprise-grade OpenStack

One vision, one solution

Intel and Red Hat share a common vision to accelerate, simplify, and improve OpenStack deployments by developing and supporting new features and technology that offer greater choice, reliability, and performance, all on a secure platform:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform - On-premise, private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that helps developers deliver applications faster to meet growing business demands

Software-defined networking

Open network platform for servers

With Intel and Red Hat, you can combine the performance of physical network implementations with the cost benefits of virtualized commodity-based environments:

  • Software-defined networking allows for highly granular and segmented management of networking devices. It provides separated control and forwarding functions, centralized control, and the ability to program behavior with well-defined interfaces.
  • Network function virtualization implements network functions in software running on shared commercial off-the-shelf servers instead of using dedicated proprietary hardware such as routers, firewalls, gateways, and more. This implementation results in increased infrastructure flexibility and reduced hardware acquisition and operational costs.

Software-defined storage

Scale-out capacity and performance

With scale-out software-defined storage and standard off-the-shelf servers, adding storage capacity and performance to meet increasing data volumes can be a smaller, incremental expense. That's because your organization can scale one server at a time.

Together, Red Hat and Intel provide the right software-defined storage combination:

  • Red Hat Gluster Storage allows businesses to easily and securely manage big unstructured and semistructured data on-premise or in a public or hybrid cloud.
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, fully distributed software-defined storage system. It delivers object and block storage in a single self-managing, self-healing platform running on high-performing and reliable Intel industry-standard servers. And it takes advantage of Intel Solid-State Drives as both journaling and media drives.

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes—but they’re all making huge impacts in the technology industry

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