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Partners: Red Hat and Nutanix

Advancing application modernization and cloud transformation

Red Hat and Nutanix provide a leading solution for building, scaling, and managing traditional and cloud-native applications across datacenter, cloud, and edge computing environments.

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What we're doing together

The collaboration between Red Hat and Nutanix gives you greater choice, more flexibility, less risk, and a consistent management experience along with the confidence of joint support and roadmap planning, testing, certification, and delivery. With a pre-integrated infrastructure stack for virtualized and cloud-native applications, Red Hat and Nutanix provide the consistency you need to expand how you maximize existing investments, modernize with an open hybrid cloud strategy, integrate into DevOps practices, achieve speed to value, and grow your business.


Support the most data-critical applications.

Red Hat and Nutanix provide enterprise organizations with a superior hybrid cloud experience, bring consistency and simplicity to enterprise IT stacks, and improve risk management through a combined support experience and interoperability.


Accelerate time to business value.

Power your innovation now, and for the future, with joint roadmap planning and delivery leading to new capabilities that provide business value. A single point of support with a full gamut of container-based solutions provides for an optimal experience.


Deliver better return on investment.

You get more choice and flexibility for optimizing hybrid cloud investments with Red Hat and Nutanix. Plus, you can scale out infrastructure without worrying about per container or per virtual machine (VM) licensing.


Address the surging edge of your enterprise.

Manage edge computing environments more efficiently with the flexibility to develop responsive edge applications, a consistent DevOps approach that speeds development, and a full-featured, scale-right, untethered operating model.


Adopt a unified cloud stack and operational framework

The strategic partnership between Red Hat and Nutanix results in a hybrid cloud experience powered by Nutanix Cloud Platform software, certified and jointly supported with Red Hat® product offerings, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform.

Consistency and agility across hybrid cloud environments

Red Hat OpenShift on Nutanix Cloud Platform helps you accelerate your progression to a cloud-native environment with consistency and flexibility to deliver new and innovative experiences to customers. 

As the preferred choice for enterprise Kubernetes on Nutanix Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift provides a full set of operations and developer services to build and manage applications at scale and supports a diverse set of workloads across hybrid cloud environments. 

In addition to the cloud-native capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift, the industry-leading Nutanix Cloud Platform offers a resilient and scalable data infrastructure to support the demands of containerized applications. 

Together, Red Hat OpenShift on Nutanix Cloud Platform lets IT Operations teams focus on managing and supporting new cloud-native applications and modernizing existing workloads to add more value to the business, rather than managing the complex underlying infrastructure.

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Get a cloud operating experience for Red Hat and Nutanix solutions, delivered by HPE GreenLake

Together, Red Hat, Nutanix, and HPE help you seamlessly build, scale, and manage a modern hybrid cloud experience for data and applications—no matter where they live. By using certified and jointly supported solutions from Nutanix and Red Hat on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, you can simplify hybrid cloud management, unify the data and application experience from edge compute to the cloud, reduce time to value, and deliver better return on investment (ROI).


Modernization and cloud transformation with Red Hat and Nutanix


Ansible Certified Content Collection for Nutanix Cloud Platform

Nutanix has a fully certified Ansible Automation Content Collection for automation and orchestration by Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.


Red Hat OpenShift on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)

As a Red Hat certified hypervisor, Nutanix AHV offers a simplified full-stack solution for containerized and virtualized applications with a resilient and scalable data infrastructure.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Nutanix AHV

Nutanix AHV is a Red Hat certified hypervisor and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified on Nutanix AHV. The certification provides full support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the Nutanix Cloud Platform.


Nymbus runs digital banking services on Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix HCI

With its all-in-one platform, Nymbus works with clients to quickly launch boutique banks for specialized customer segments at a lower cost than custom solutions. Nymbus selected Red Hat OpenShift running on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as the foundation for their digital banking platform.

Customers regularly come to Nymbus with ideas. Our container infrastructure from Red Hat and Nutanix helps us build niche solutions to meet their needs and help them reach strategic goals faster. We can then roll out these new capabilities to all of our customers, so everyone can benefit.

— Larry McClanahan

Chief Product Officer, Nymbus

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