Red Hat OPEN Program

What is Red Hat OPEN?

Red Hat Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN) gives Red Hat partners the tools they need to build skills that can generate more product and services sales while enhancing customer satisfaction. This program has three main components:

  • Red Hat OPEN training that results in accreditations
  • Online technical library
  • Red Hat Product Demo System

Who can participate in Red Hat OPEN?

All active Red Hat business partners have access to Red Hat OPEN. All types of partners can access e-Learning courses and the technical library. Advanced and Premier Partners, as well as Red Hat Alliance Partners, have additional access to eLab courses and the Red Hat Product Demo System. Red Hat Ready Partners interested in access to eLabs and online lab courses may do so by exception. Contact your account manager for more details.

How does Red Hat OPEN benefit Red Hat partners?

Red Hat OPEN helps partners better understand customer needs, which leads to more effective customer service and increased sales. Benefits include:

  • Access to up-to-date product and solution information to help customers make sound technology decisions.
  • Practice for employees who need to become proficient with product demonstrations, which can improve overall customer confidence and satisfaction.

Accreditations inspire greater customer confidence while qualifying partners for increased margins and other benefits.

What is unique about Red Hat OPEN training courses?

Red Hat OPEN offers in-depth training that can be accessed online, from anywhere, for partners worldwide. Training is role-based with specific capability outcomes for sales, sales engineer, and delivery roles. The goal is to ensure a skill-based outcome that sets up partners for success. In addition, these prescriptive specialization tracks lead to both partner-level accreditation and partner employee accreditation.

Is there a cost for Red Hat OPEN training?

Red Hat OPEN courses are one of the benefits offered to Red Hat business partners at no cost. Depending on the partner's region, additional business and technical requirements may still be required as part of the partner program. Contact your partner account managers for more information.

What types of Red Hat OPEN training courses are available?

  • e-Learning training (ELT): self-paced courses with no personal instruction from Red Hat.
  • e-Learning labs (ELAB): hands-on lab-based courses.
  • Instructor-led training (ILT): offered by request, contact your account manager for more information.

Available by request are virtual training (VT) sessions and instructor-led training (ILT). Contact your account manager if a special session is needed for your company.

What is Red Hat Online Technical Library?

Red Hat OPEN offers a robust online technical library to help partners find useful information independently and quickly. Managed by Red Hat solution architects, the library provides partners access to the same content that Red Hat experts have, from product basics to advanced technologies and solutions. This technical library features an extensive database of presentations, collateral, reference architectures, use cases, whitepapers, and more.

What is the Red Hat Product Demo System?

Red Hat Product Demo System allows partners to observe online product demonstrations and practice how to perform the demos to become more proficient presenting Red Hat technology to customers. These valuable demo sessions are created by Red Hat solution architects and can be used as standalone learning exercises or in conjunction with Red Hat OPEN training courses.

What is the course assessment policy?

Students are given an online, multiple-choice assessment for all Red Hat OPEN training courses. The number of questions vary depending on the length and depth of the course material. Completion of the course requires passing the assessment with a 70% or above.