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Strategic alliance: Red Hat and Dell

Open standards bring unlimited possibilities

You are the company you keep. And at Red Hat, we keep good company. For over 15 years, we’ve partnered with Dell, the industry leader in standards-based compute, storage, and networking platforms and integrated solutions, to bring open, cost-effective, reliable technology platforms to enterprise customers around the globe.

Enterprise customers are requiring robust and rapidly scalable cloud infrastructures that deliver business results. Dell and Red Hat continue to jointly deliver cost-effective, open source-based cloud computing solutions that provide greater agility to our customers, and this newest version of the Dell Red Hat® Cloud Solution leverages best-of-breed technology from both companies to do so.

Jim Ganthier, vice president and general manager, Dell Engineered Solutions and Cloud

Red Hat and Dell

Trusted partners, proven results

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. Red Hat and Dell are working together to create integrated solutions that help you meet your IT challenges, while reducing complexity in your own environments.

Every joint Dell and Red Hat solution comes with enterprise-grade support, security, and stability. With peace of mind that comes from working with 2 market leaders, you can focus on delivering excellent services to your customers.

What we're doing together

Proven, integrated, enterprise solutions

With decades of experience working together, Dell and Red Hat have proven their partnerships in numerous areas, including the following ones.

Cloud deployments

A co-engineered OpenStack® solution for private and hybrid cloud deployments

OEM solutions

Comprehensive products and services to help customers get to market faster

Data management

Tested, certified Red Hat and Dell solutions to speed SAP HANA deployments and a Dell, Red Hat, and Cloudera solution to effectively manage big data

Datacenter modernization

Effective migration solutions so you can modernize your datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on x86-based servers

High-performance computing

A joint high-performance computing solution that speeds genomic research

Industry-specific solutions

Targeted, innovative solutions that meet the needs of the healthcare and telecom industries

Cloud Deployments

Accelerate private and hybrid cloud deployments

Deploying an enterprise-grade, private cloud in your enterprise doesn’t have to be complicated. You can get to the cloud faster and easier with a fully integrated OpenStack solution from Red Hat and Dell.

Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions powered by Red Hat OpenStack Platform include:

  • Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Storage, and Dell Networking
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Red Hat and Dell professional services and global support
  • Red Hat and Dell joint reference architecture

Easy Integration

Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions offer integrated hardware, servers, storage and networking, making it quick and easy to deploy an OpenStack cloud. Our experts work with you during the entire implementation process to ensure your deployment is a success.


As a single point of contact for all support issues, Dell ProSupport gives customers access to experts trained in these cloud solutions and the hardware and software components that make up the solution. When necessary, Dell and Red Hat support staff work together to address software issues.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform has certified, secure code and continuous access to patches, bug fixes, and enhanced security.

Dell and Red Hat collaborate to bring OpenStack to the enterprise

Case Study

Red Hat and Dell working together

Dell built its Innovation Lab using Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Dell servers, software tools, storage, and networking.

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OEM Solutions

Benefit from built-to-order, customized solutions

In 1999, Dell was the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deliver factory-installed Linux workstations and Dell PowerEdge servers running Red Hat software. Since then, Dell and Red Hat have delivered built-to-order, customized embedded solutions to many of the world’s most demanding enterprises and datacenters.

With Dell and Red Hat embedded solutions, you get:

  • Innovative turn-key solutions, with products that are customized to your needs.
  • A single point of contact for questions regarding your account.
  • Enterprise-grade support, including access to software updates, security fixes, and maintenance.

Data Management

Solutions from Red Hat and Dell let you do more with your company’s data.

Speed SAP HANA deployments

Tested and certified Red Hat and Dell solutions to speed SAP HANA deployments

Effectively manage big data

Effectively manage big data with a Dell, Red Hat, and Cloudera solution


Speed your SAP HANA deployments

You need to be able to access your company’s data and derive insight from it in real time. SAP HANA is an in-memory database management system that increases the availability and speed of business information, improving business performance and fueling innovation.

Red Hat and Dell partnered with SAP to create a certified, single-source solution for SAP HANA services. Available in both single server and larger, scale-out configurations, Dell’s solution is optimized with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, and includes a portfolio of services including:

  • Proof of concepts
  • Configuration and implementation workshops
  • Zero-impact migration services
  • Quick-start services
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Big Data

Manage big data effectively

Your company’s big data can be its biggest asset. But to benefit from it, you must find a way to effectively manage large volumes of human-and machine-generated data.

Dell's reference architecture using Cloudera's Apache Hadoop-based solutions and running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables you to optimize your big data workloads. Solutions include:

  • Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop
  • Dell | Cloudera Apache Haddop Solution, accelerated by Intel
  • Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise

Datacenter Migrations

Migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on x86-based servers

You know you need to move from a rigid, expensive UNIX or RISC-based system, but the complexity and cost of migrating your legacy systems is daunting. Choosing the right migration partners and the right systems simplifies the migration process.

Dell and Red Hat have collaborated to help companies simplify and streamline the migration of applications from UNIX and RISC-based systems to open, x86-based systems Dell PowerEdge servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Through our partnership, we offer a single source for hardware, software, services, and support. We work with customers through the entire migration process, using best practices for planning, scoping, and implementing application migration.

High-performance computing

Do more with high-performance computing solutions

Dell uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux as part of its high-performance computing (HPC) environment validation test suite for all HPC PowerEdge servers.

These high-performance computing solutions have faster processing that lets you complete more computations per second, power through complex analysis, and get fast, precise results.

One of our HPC solutions, Dell’s Genomics Data Analysis Platform with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allows research organizations across healthcare, government, universities, and industrial labs accelerate their research.

Industry-specific solutions

Targeted, innovative solutions

Dell and Red Hat are working together to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of specific industries.

Healthcare solutions

Epic-based electronic medical records (EMR) management solutions help healthcare companies manage record more effectively

Telecom solutions

A secure, high-performance, high-availability, scalable network functions virtualization platform that lowers costs and increases agility


Improve EMR scalability and lower costs

Industry leaders Red Hat and Dell deliver a stable, proven hardware, software, and services solution for your Epic electronic medical records (EMR) system infrastructure. The Dell DRIVE program, with Red Hat and other partners, provides additional services specifically for Epic environments. At the DRIVE Center of Excellence you can access best practices, training, and workshops to learn how to operate your Epic environment more efficiently.


Get scalable, flexible NFV with Red Hat and Dell

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is gaining momentum throughout the telecommunications industry, combining the latest in software-defined networking (SDN) with the economic advantages of virtualized x86 compute platforms. The result? Lower costs and improved agility.

Dell, Red Hat, and Intel are working together to co-engineer the Dell Network Functions Virtualization (NFV platform). The NFV platform combines standards-based hardware components, open networking platforms, and a rich set of open interfaces to help ensure maximum interoperability, manageability and investment protection. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenStack Platform facilitate the transition from proprietary and UNIX platforms.

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