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Partners: Red Hat and TCS

Building a new transformation paradigm

Helping enterprises accelerate innovation with open hybrid cloud to adopt a "Business 4.0" model for growth.

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What we're doing together

Delivering business innovation with open source

For decades, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) and Red Hat have been helping customers take advantage of an open hybrid cloud strategy to build resilient, adaptable, and purpose-driven businesses that deliver growth. Together, we bring the scale, technical knowledge, and industry expertise to offer you end-to-end services and solutions around cloud migration, application modernization, managed services, and industry-specific innovation built on open source technologies.

To succeed in a Business 4.0 world, progressive enterprises are embarking on digital transformation journeys, rethinking their business models, processes, and systems to deliver a superior ‘always-on’ customer experience. TCS and Red Hat offer interoperable solutions that leverage our domain expertise, contextual knowledge, and Red Hat's open source technologies to help customers succeed in today's fast-paced, outcome-focused environment.

Raman Venkatraman
Vice President and Global Head, TCS

Open Hybrid Cloud

Unlock the power of the cloud to succeed in a Business 4.0 world

Organizations need to adapt quickly adopt a successful cloud strategy to increase their agility, boost cloud ROI, and accelerate top-line growth.

TCS and Red Hat offer co-engineered hybrid cloud solutions that accelerate organizations’ digital transformation by modernizing workloads during the migration process.

Intelligent Process Automation

Power operational performance and efficiency

Enterprises need to propel greater efficiencies by performing routine tasks faster and more accurately than before.

TCS Ansible Automation uses Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform to automate modernization and migration processes, minimize risks, and accelerate the transformation journey.

Application Modernization

Reimagine applications to deliver innovation

To build digital platforms that optimize costs, organizations must accelerate enterprise modernization through cloud-native applications.

TCS Intelligent Cloud Migration Continuum and TCS Modernization Propeller, built on Red Hat technologies, enable customers to build cloud-native applications with popular, leading frameworks and accelerate their cloud migration journey. Empower DevOps teams to build and deliver cloud-native applications—at speed—with centralized management and visualization tools.

SAP Workload Modernization

SAP digital core for digital transformation

Adopting SAP S/4HANA® is complex, costly, and time consuming, and risks disrupting business continuity. To overcome these challenges, TCS and Red Hat provide configured solutions to automate SAP S/4 HANA implementation for faster time to market.

Frameworks and Accelerators

TCS and Red Hat frameworks and solution accelerators

TCS and Red Hat offer several microservice-based solutions and frameworks in the areas of customer experience, cybersecurity, and DevOps to speed your cloud journeys.

  • TCS 360-degree customer view with big data and analytics: Increase customer lifetime value through data-driven insights at every stage of a customer's journey.
  • TCS cognitive contact center: Offer superior end-user experiences with context-based, human-like communications.
  • TCS DevSecOps: Increase speed to market and security with optimized migration from conventional release management to an integrated end-to-end DevSecOps model.
  • TCS security data lake: Develop predictive threat intelligence and anomaly detection models to better understand possible risks and safeguard against persistent threats and advanced network infrastructure attacks.