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It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything. Red Hat’s® broad portfolio equips you for a world that never stands still.

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Automate your tech. Energize your teams.

The elements of an IT ecosystem multiply faster than any human can handle. So do regulatory burdens and routine business processes. A management approach that smartly deploys automation allows your people to focus on customer demands.

With Red Hat automation and management, you can tame heterogeneous environments.

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Why automate?

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Because your people are your competitive advantage. And they can’t focus on the future when they’re overburdened with pushing updates, credentialing new users, integrating data from new sources, manually maintaining compliance and security, and on and on and on.

Red Hat offers smart automation and management tools to free up your people for the innovative work that only they can do.

The British Army conquers complexity with Red Hat management and automation

Surprise downtime and subpar support from proprietary systems were slowing down the British Army’s Information Application Services (IAS) Branch. So the IAS adopted our straightforward management tools and Red Hat Ansible® Automation.

Now, the British Army IT team delivers changes and upgrades 75% faster.

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Take control of your automation journey

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Ansible is automation for humans. Simple and agentless, it streamlines the redundant, manual processes that hamper teams across your IT. Here’s a beginner’s guide to bringing Ansible to your enterprise.

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We revolutionized the operating system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Now, we’re doing the same for technologies across the IT landscape.