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Red Hat Process Automation

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Better collaboration between IT and business

Businesses today face a core set of common challenges: industry disruption, rapidly changing customer expectations, and the pressure to cut operational costs while improving efficiency. Meeting these challenges requires an approach to software applications that is adaptable and fast. Those efforts are often frustrated, however, by technical debt, lack of business knowledge within the IT organization, and an acute shortage of skilled software developers.

Red Hat Process Automation enables business users to collaborate with developers to ensure applications are aligned with business needs and reflect business policies and procedures. Through user friendly tools it empowers business users to create end-user apps that interact with runtime services, streamlining the development process so you can bring new applications to market faster.

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Business process and decision modeling

Easily create business process and decision models using standard notations such as BPMN and DMN, and even incorporate machine-learned predictive models to guide your automated decisions. Deploy as executable automated services. Enable business users to easily modify those services at any time to adapt to changing business demands—without the need for IT support to update application code.

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Business rules management

Innovate using intelligent business automation. Use decision tables, trees, and a guided rules editor to support business-friendly domain specific languages (DSL). Extract your business rules from your code to manage them separately. Improve revenues through intelligent decisioning in applications that can respond faster to changing business requests.

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Business logic repository

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our repository for business logic definitions, based on the popular git open source version control system, to inventory and select among the most popular business logic definitions.

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Facilitate better collaboration among project stakeholders through high-level analytics. Generate dashboards and reports using advanced business activity monitoring. Learn what works and change what doesn’t—fast.

Ready for intelligent business automation that’s easy?

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