An ambitious project to map schools on a global scale

A team embarks on an 8-week residency that results in something entirely new. Watch what happens when UNICEF Innovation engages with Red Hat® Open Innovation Labs.

Chapter 1


The UNICEF team arrives in New York to kick off their Open Innovation Labs residency. This chapter highlights the team's excitement and anxieties: Early exercises interest some, worry others.

Chapter 2


The team travels to Colombia to meet with project stakeholders. Feedback changes their direction, two projects become one, and Red Hat and UNICEF hit their stride working together.

Chapter 3


The team is back in New York to present the final proof of concept and recap the work they've done the last 8 weeks. We learn about the next steps for the project and how contributors can get involved.

Chapter 2


The team is here in Bogotá, Colombia to meet with UNICEF Bogotá stakeholders as well as members of the Colombian government to understand more about their data usage and needs surrounding children, poverty, socioeconomic data, and risk factors.

Kris Pennella, Practice Lead, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Chapter 3


The idea is to get a kind of engine starting and running so that the open source community can just do it on their own.

Mike Fabrikant, Lead Software Developer, UNICEF Innovation

An 8-week engagement

In February 2018, a team from UNICEF began an 8-week Red Hat Open Innovation Labs engagement. Below is a snapshot of their residency.

pocs-timeline WEEK 8 WEEK 1
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Week 1

Residency kick-off

Team arrives in New York City with intent to scale an idea

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Week 3

Stakeholder meeting

Team travels to Bogotá and hears some big feedback from stakeholders

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Week 5

More collaboration

Team works together to accommodate stakeholder feedback

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Week 8

Team demo

Team presents their progress to colleagues

Open Source, Open Minds

Listen in as UNICEF and other organizations share their successes and lessons learned using Red Hat solutions in this virtual event series.

The power of open innovation

The breakthroughs made on the Magicbox - School Mapping project wouldn't have been possible without open source. UNICEF Innovation and Red Hat have started something big. What happens next is up to all of us.

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