Electronic Arts (EA) success: the intersection of mobile, microservices, Node.js, and DevOps

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Electronic Arts (EA) is an organization whose name is synonymous with gaming. Whether it be through EA's console, PC, or online games, nearly everyone has hands-on experience with their products and technologies. As EA I.T. continues their growth in the mobile space, they quickly identified a need to take a improve integration between mobile apps and their legacy systems with modern approaches to development on cutting-edge technology stacks.

Join Bill Bendrot (EA manager of Solutions/Services Architecture & Enterprise Mobile Development) and his team as they discuss:

-The history of EA I.T.’s expansion into the mobile space
-Factors behind choosing a Node.js tech stack
-Benefits of Microservices throughout the integration process
-The realities of DevOps in a rapid development environment
-Points to consider when evaluating service providers
-Using MBaaS as an integration platform to integrate and enrich internal systems with cloud systems like an MAM
-An Overview of their final tech stack and resulting successes

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