Financial services innovation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automate to innovate and compete

The financial services industry is experiencing widespread disruption caused by the digital demands of increasingly connected customers. Financial services companies must create the scale and capabilities to compete against new digitally native competitors.

To succeed in this new reality, financial services organizations strive to optimize resources, accelerate development, and quickly adapt to market changes. However, routine tasks, manual processes, cultural resistance to change, and inefficient workflows create a burden on IT teams, affecting the ability to quickly deliver value to customers and maintain a seamless operating framework. 

An automation strategy with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, a suite of proven technologies that create a consistent foundation for automation across your enterprise, can help your organization improve existing processes and execute your digital initiatives. Applying modern automation to your organization’s application environment helps your business better serve customers so that you can be successful. 

Here are 3 ways IT automation can help your organization accelerate innovation:

1. Simplify IT operations

One of the hallmarks of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is simplicity. Since all automation playbooks are written in a natural language, they are easy to understand, adopt, and begin using. No coding skills are required, so many users become productive quickly with little training. Ansible Automation Platform gives you a simple approach to improving operational efficiency, management, and scalability of heterogeneous IT environments, especially where regulatory compliance and security are primary concerns.

2. Gain the power of open source

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is powerful enough to provision servers, manage configurations, automate entire workflows, and orchestrate the complete application life cycle. Ansible Automation Platform is built on Ansible open source technology, which gets more than a quarter million downloads on GitHub each month and has more than 3,550 contributors.1

3. Boost efficiency and innovation 

With the financial services industry changing rapidly, automating manual, repetitive tasks enables your staff to work more efficiently and gives them time to focus on customer innovation and extending competitive advantages. Ansible Automation Platform provides an agentless architecture, reducing the complexity of your IT environment.

Table 1. Benefits of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Benefits Details

Red Hat
Speed of innovation Deliver applications faster by reducing manual effort and complicated coordination.
Red Hat Automation for everyone Bring simplicity to your organization. With its common language, Ansible Automation Platform is easy to learn and operate.
Red Hat Integrated and automated security  Investigate and respond across the enterprise in a coordinated, unified way using a curated collection of modules, roles, and playbooks.
Red Hat High-value talent Help your highly skilled people focus on tasks that matter to your business–and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

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Forrester business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Forrester has determined that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helped an organization achieve:2

  • US$1,321,364 in operational efficiency savings.
  • US$389,707 in infrastructure appliance software savings.
  • 94% reduction in the resource hours needed to recover from security incidents.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Red Hat Ansible will save us time by scripting more tasks, such as deploying middleware components in production.

Christian Nicoll

Director of Platform Engineering and Operations, Generali Switzerland [3]

IDC business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 

According to IDC, highlights of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform’s business value include:4

  • 498% 5-year return on investment (ROI).
  • 135% more applications developed per year. 
  • US$1.13 million in additional new revenue.
  • Payback in 5 months.