8 tech tips to build and deploy apps across a hybrid cloud 

Experience a platform with built-in security, options for container-based development, and the tools to develop applications and services across all infrastructure locations.

1. Access to extensive developer toolsets

Benefit from an extensive library of applications, tools, help, and guidance that let developers be selective yet nimble. From a selection of compilers for C/C++, Rust, and Go to a wide range of runtime languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Node.js, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® includes the tooling that developers need and provides a choice of long-term support versions or the latest new versions of developer tools so the right tools are available no matter what the application.

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2. Cloud access

Conquer complexity no matter where or how you choose to deploy—on-premise, in a cloud environment, containerized, and all the way out to the edge of your network. The Red Hat Cloud Access program lets you use your subscription on Red Hat-certified public clouds.

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3. Container development tools

Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers a suite of container development and runtime tools. Red Hat offers several Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based secure base images to provide the consistent, yet flexible foundation that developers need to build containers for adoption anywhere you choose to deploy.

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4. Image builder

Create a custom image for your development environment with Red Hat Enterprise Linux image builder. The image builder service, which can be found in the left navigation of the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console, simplifies and streamlines the process of assembling your own customized operating system (OS) images with the latest content and security updates for all of your hybrid cloud environments.

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5. Focus on security and compliance

Mitigate the risk of a vulnerability by making security and compliance a part of the infrastructure and application product life cycle from the beginning. Red Hat Enterprise Linux multilayer breach defense capabilities include automated and repeatable security controls such as the latest cryptographic standards and libraries, SELinux, and application listing. Live patches and remediation are included, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying new software efficiently on a platform you can trust.

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6. Performance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides high performance for your apps across the open hybrid cloud, allowing you to identify, analyze, and tune your workload performance while you are building applications. With the built-in TuneD profiles, you can tune your system for a variety of different use cases. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also provides kernel backports of select upstream kernel performance improvements while allowing the same level of application compatibility and stability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernal.

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7. Automation and management

Spend more time on innovation and less on repetitive tasks. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you get a consistent, stable experience for building and deploying your workloads. Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a combination of automated and repeatable workflows through tools such as image builder, system roles, and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console.

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8. Red Hat Developer program

Gain access to a full portfolio of app development products and tools for creating enterprise software built on microservices, containers, and the cloud environments. The Red Hat Developer program provides the tools, technologies, and community you need to help you solve problems, connect with colleagues, discover what’s next, and lead your project forward.

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