SManager lifts revenue 70% with Red Hat partner training

SManager has operated in the information technology industry since 2009. Around 80% of its revenue comes from Red Hat solutions and services.


  • Explore new business opportunities in areas such as hybrid cloud. 
  • Develop autonomy for the pre-sales, sales, and delivery processes.
  • Expand from the public sector into the private market.
  • Broaden Red Hat's geographic coverage in Brazil.


  • Delivered online and in-person training on the Red Hat OPEN training system
  • Appointed a dedicated Red Hat Partner Account Manager.
  • Worked with the Red Hat Product Demo System to provide test drives to key customers.


  • Increased revenue by 70% between 2017 and 2019.
  • 30% growth in business with private sector clients.
  • Contributed to 40% increase in sales of Red Hat OpenShift 2018-2019.


“Red Hat OPEN, Red Hat’s partner training, has a direct effect on the company’s result. Today, SManager is increasing its sales volume of Red Hat solutions. I have no doubt that it’s a result of our team’s training.”

Leandro Silva, 
President, SManager