Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Azure for SAP workloads

Make business decisions faster with SAP on Red Hat and Microsoft platforms

Across industries, organizations are digitally transforming their infrastructure and operations to remain successful in dynamic markets. Digital transformation can help companies improve customer experience, enhance brand reputation and loyalty, increase business agility, and speed time to market for new products and features. Accomplishing this requires rapid access to business information and insight. However, as organizations amass an increasing amount of data, finding the right information can take hours or even days. By reducing this time, you can make business decisions and adapt faster to changing conditions.

IT hardware and software optimization can help you derive value from data faster by reducing database workload runtime. Servers must hold massive amounts of data in-memory. Tune operating systems to run the database efficiently. Finally, the database itself must perform effectively to process vast amounts of data. Working together, Red Hat, SAP, and Microsoft provide an optimized solution that quickly finds and delivers the information you need to make fast, educated business decisions.

Build an optimized foundation for SAP data and applications with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Azure

The SAP landscape is converging. SAP HANA® provides a foundation to conduct real-time data analytics, optimize performance, and simplify business operations. Transactions and analytics are processed on a single data copy to deliver insights from live data faster than disk-based relational databases. SAP HANA incorporates databases, advanced analytic processing, applications, and integration services into a single platform that can run all your SAP enterprise applications.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions combines the reliability, scalability, and performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with content specific to operating SAP landscapes. A single subscription model and operating system provides a cost-effective, consistent platform that streamlines operations and increases stability.

Microsoft Azure forms a powerful and scalable cloud foundation for memory-intensive SAP HANA workloads and supports larger public cloud estates running SAP HANA. Microsoft Azure allows you to run SAP HANA Large Instances. The purpose-built, SAP HANA-certified instances are managed with service-level agreements (SLAs) of 99.9% availability for a single instance and 99.99% availability for a high-availability (HA) pair. Large Instances running Red Hat Enterprise Linux have the memory capacity to execute the largest SAP HANA workloads with up to 12TB of RAM per node for scale-up online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, like SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Business Suite—powered by SAP HANA—and up to 60TB of RAM for scale-out online analytical processing (OLAP) scenarios like SAP Business Warehouse. The latest Microsoft Azure M-Series virtual machines support single node configurations with up to 3.5TB of memory. The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and Microsoft Azure delivers key capabilities to support your SAP environment.

Record-breaking performance Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP 

A high-performance foundation is required for SAP applications to provide the most value to your business. Software and hardware must be engineered and optimized together to achieve the greatest performance and efficiency. Red Hat and SAP engineers work together in the SAP Linux Lab to ensure that SAP applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux achieve high levels of performance across hardware platforms.

As a hyperscale public cloud provider, Microsoft Azure can meet the resource demands of the largest SAP HANA Solution workloads. Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on certified physical instances with up to 12TB of RAM and virtual machines with up to 3.8TB of RAM, Microsoft Azure lets you run SAP applications across scenarios without worrying about performance. 

Enterprise stability and availability

Since your business relies on your SAP environment, it must always be up and running. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Azure provide a reliable, near-zero downtime operating environment for your SAP landscape. Update Services for SAP Solutions provides up to four years of support — including security patches and critical fixes—for minor releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. When you upgrade to a new minor release, binary compatibility and kernel stability makes sure your system remains stable and that both SAP and custom applications execute smoothly.

Azure uses SAP-certified infrastructure, that is purpose built for SAP HANA and compliant with 54 industry standards, to establish stability. The highly resilient architecture with active systems, standby systems, and data replication provides high availability for critical applications.

World-class, integrated support from Microsoft, Red Hat, and SAP

Issues in your SAP environment can cause costly downtime. Red Hat, SAP, and Microsoft, offer simple, hassle-free support. All three companies deliver comprehensive, integrated, global support to cover your entire environment. Red Hat, SAP, and Microsoft work together to identify your underlying issue and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Digital technology is critical for your organization’s future success. Red Hat, SAP, and Microsoft partnered to provide a high performing and reliable platform to support your digital goals. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and Microsoft Azure give you the speed to access the information and insight you need to make better decisions to advance your business.

For more details learn more about Red Hat and Microsoft’s strategic alliance or contact your Red Hat, SAP, or Microsoft representative.