Accelerate application delivery with Red Hat Consulting

DevOps and containers help teams adapt to a competitive landscape

Business leaders are embracing DevOps to keep up with market demand. Container platforms with Kubernetes orchestration are a new category of enterprise software, offering powerful technology to accelerate the development and delivery of applications. While containers help developers package applications for consistent deployment, they also provide a framework and common language that links development and operations teams. 

However, the road to container adoption can be complex. To gain the full benefit of containers, you need a flexible program that incrementally delivers modern, container-based infrastructure—with the necessary organizational process changes. 

Red Hat® Consulting provides a blueprint for accelerating your time to value via a comprehensive program that addresses three workstreams—infrastructure, release management, and application development—that help you succeed with containers today and prepare for future opportunities. Bridging on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, Red Hat experts will work with you to implement a custom solution—based on Red Hat and certified partner products, targeted training, and extensive experience—turning isolated container experimentation into scaled container adoption, while simultaneously transforming IT teams and processes.

Infrastructure: Build a production container platform

Deploying and operating containers at scale requires the coordination of infrastructure, management tooling, and operational practices. Through a tailored journey, Red Hat Consulting will partner with you to build and operationalize a production container platform enhanced through rapid releases that address security, reporting, resiliency, and governance.

Release management: Adopt CI/CD and automation

Red Hat Consulting will work with you to achieve container-driven continuous delivery in your organization, so you can deliver frequent, rapid, automated application releases that meet or exceed business demands. We will build and optimize a secure deployment pipeline with test automation and metrics to identify bottlenecks as they occur. We will then help your team maintain and expand those pipelines to continually improve software delivery performance.

Application development

Market demands force application development teams to be more rapid, iterative, continuous, reliable, and collaborative. We will work with your teams on the necessary process changes to experience DevOps and become agile—accelerating your success and maximizing your investment in containers. We will use Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to give influencer development teams necessary techniques and practices to inform broader transformation efforts. Also, through a core team of application onboarding specialists, we will help facilitate mass adoption of containers throughout your development organization and application portfolio. 

Get started with Red Hat Consulting

Spanning a series of agile program increments, Red Hat Consulting will work with you on all stages of container adoption. From aligning teams around container-friendly development methods and tools to expanding the number of containerized apps in your organization, Red Hat experts help lay the groundwork for self-sustained growth within the business.

  • Define strategies across people, processes, and technologies to gain the full benefits of containers 
  • Establish collaborative IT innovation to align with and achieve business goals 
  • Develop new practices for designing and delivering responsive business capabilities 
  • Increase operational efficiency, reliability, and scalability

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Our experts help you explore, establish, scale, and expand a unified digital transformation strategy focused around container adoption that meets your unique business needs. Here is what you can expect across the phases of our engagement.


Discuss goals, solution approaches, and next steps to:

  • Identify challenges and potential issues, as well as viable approaches and technologies, necessary participants, and desired outcomes.
  • Outline current state, target state, and opportunities for change.

Develop an intelligent plan that delivers a(n):

  • Analysis of the current state architecture and organizational practices for the migration.
  • Strategy across people, processes, and technologies to create a mobile enterprise.
  • Architecture definition that addresses target environments.

Work with Red Hat subject matter experts, who will integrate with and guide your team to:

  • Establish strategies to build a collaborative culture, determine responsibilities, foster new skills, and accelerate innovation.
  • Adapt existing applications and build new cloud-native services  to provide the full benefits of container platforms.
  • Deliver secure, resilient new environments and practices to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale workloads that support your business strategy.

The Red Hat Consulting difference

Working directly with Red Hat engineering and support organizations, Red Hat Consulting teams bring advanced skills to deliver solutions using Red Hat products and open standards. With exclusive insight into upcoming features and product roadmaps, nobody is better positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using open source and proprietary technologies.

  • Straight from the source: Red Hat Consulting teams communicate directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations. Many of our consultants are also active contributors to the upstream open source communities behind Red Hat technologies, so they bring unparalleled expertise. 
  • Diverse technical experience: Red Hat Consulting maintains deep expertise with open source and proprietary systems and applications platforms. Our comprehensive understanding of the technology market and commitment to enterprise open source helps us provide clients with a complete view of their environment. Our guidance is based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems, not just our own products. 
  • Mentor-based approach: Red Hat Consulting’s approach gives clients the information and skills they need to move to Red Hat solutions in a safe and efficient manner. Red Hat believes that knowledge must be open and shared, just like source code.
  • Crucial, real-world training: Red Hat Training and Certification develops role-based knowledge through hands-on training covering emerging and foundational open source technologies. It helps build real-world skills that support critical commoditization and transformation projects alike.

Ready to get started? Talk to a Red Hat consultant today to discover how containers and DevOps can transform your applications and teams.