Accelerate SAP Data Intelligence with Red Hat and Intel

Data is a key digital business asset

The amount of data stored globally is expected to grow to 8.9 zettabytes by 2024.1  In a digital world, your data can be a competitive advantage. Even so, collecting data is only the starting point — how you use your data is the real differentiator.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies like SAP® Data Intelligence can help you turn your data into a valuable business asset. These technologies employ data to deliver insight, automate tasks, and advance system capabilities. Speed is critical — you must act quickly on your data to gain the most benefit.

Together, Red Hat and Intel offer a high-performance hybrid cloud foundation for SAP Data Intelligence to help you get more from your data.

Accelerate AI and ML with industry leaders

Partners for 25 years, Red Hat and Intel deliver advanced, jointly engineered solutions to help you overcome your business and technical challenges. These solutions combine open platforms with leading hardware and software to provide the innovation, performance, and efficiency you need to be successful in a digital world. 

Red Hat and Intel also have long-standing relationships with SAP. These partnerships help all three companies plan and integrate their technology roadmaps to build and optimize new features, capabilities, and solutions.

The Red Hat® and Intel® foundation for SAP Data Intelligence is based on several key products:

Speed intelligent decision making across your organization

Red Hat and Intel provide a consistent, flexible foundation for AI and analytics operations that helps you make intelligent, data-based decisions. Speed data analytics operations with the Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel DAAL). Quickly and easily deploy a broad selection of AI and machine learning tools across your environment. Create and share containerized AI models, results, and applications across your organization using built-in collaboration features. Build AI models and application services once and deploy them on any infrastructure using the container architecture.

Gain easier, unified data access to help users work more effectively

Red Hat and Intel solutions connect and unify your data to provide centralized access for SAP users and applications. Create scalable storage pools with Intel Optane persistent memory and SSDs and Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage. Offer easy, standardized access to data sources with Kubernetes Persistent Volumes and S3 object stores. Build high-bandwidth, low-latency data pipelines with Kubernetes Networks and Service Mesh. Continue using your preferred data streamlining and manipulation tools — including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Presto — accessible within Red Hat OpenShift as services.

Support innovation while maintaining critical security

Red Hat and Intel solutions for SAP Data Intelligence empower you to innovate without compromising security. Adopt DevOps approaches and create AI-based applications using the flexible developer toolkit and your choice of included runtimes. Take advantage of advanced processor and memory capabilities through Intel’s OneAPI interface. Isolate processes and control resources to increase security and protect your business with a container-based architecture.

Predict future trends in business operations and customer behavior

Running SAP Data Intelligence on a Red Hat and Intel foundation lets you quickly analyze large amounts of data to gain insight into your business and customers. Build AI into business applications to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes. Analyze customer data to predict behavioral patterns and adapt your offerings to trends in demand.

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Your data is a critical business asset. Red Hat and Intel help you build a hybrid cloud foundation for SAP Data Intelligence, so you can get the most from your data.

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