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Optimize IT with an adaptive standard operating environment

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Enterprise IT teams are pressed to grow and manage a robust and efficient infrastructure to meet both today’s demands and tomorrow’s landscape. Configuration drift and manual processes lead to error-prone deployments, brittle systems, and increased total cost of ownership (TCO).

Red Hat® Consulting helps organizations create a standardized, predictable, repeatable, and automated infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. Red Hat consultants guide customers toward an optimized infrastructure with a proven solution delivery framework (SDF) that includes best practices and mentoring. This enables businesses to strategically introduce and sustain standards, processes, and governance, while laying the groundwork for an environment that can meet IT demands.


An integrated solution that unifies, standardizes, and automates infrastructure builds creates a lean operation, with shorter time to market — at reduced cost.

Red Hat Consulting helps organizations establish a framework to naturally grow and evolve IT through:

  • STANDARDIZATION: Using component architectures, living documentation, and a common toolset, organizations reduce configuration sprawl and accelerate meaningful change more quickly.
  • AUTOMATION: Proven and automated IT processes with tools like Red Hat Ansible® enable more people to act more quickly and underscore the importance of a unified approach to drive total change.
  • ITERATION: Continuous improvement allows businesses to adapt their models as the business landscape changes. Red Hat Consulting helps businesses establish a foundation that evolves to meet those challenges.

Red Hat Consulting guides businesses through this transition with a mentoring-based approach that considers people, processes, and technology. Using our SDF, Red Hat subject matter experts help customers quickly, iteratively, and strategically achieve value while building enterprise-wide capabilities.

image container Figure 1. Red Hat Consulting solution delivery framework.

Red Hat Consulting applies a set of offerings and custom engagements across the SDF to help organizations optimize their use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Discovery Session

Discuss goals, solution approaches, and next steps to:

• Identify challenges and potential issues as well as viable approaches and technologies, necessary participants, and desired outcomes.

• Outline the current state, target state, and opportunities for change.

1-2 daysSenior architect and support
Design Workshop

Develop an intelligent plan that delivers a(n):

• Analysis of the current state architecture and organizational practices for the migration.

• Strategy across people, process, and technologies that define the approach to delivering an optimized and adaptive management framework.

• Architecture definition that addresses your target environments.

2-4 weeksSenior architect and services or project management to define and scope detailed plans (or) IT Operations Design Workshop, Infrastructure Design Workshop

Smart Start

Red Hat subject matter experts will help customers:

• Develop a production-ready, prescriptive environment using Red Hat Satellite.

• Learn the basics of Standard Operating Environment (SOE) design, development, and deployment.

Varies by scope 
Adaptive Standard Operating Environment

Red Hat subject matter experts will help customers:

• Install and configure appropriate tooling into customer’s environment per requirements, including Satellite and continuous integration (CI) pipeline tools.

• Define a catalog of appropriate SOEs.

• Establish process and approach for a CI pipeline to develop, test, and iterate SOEs.

• Define and implement practices for utilizing tested SOEs in production.

Varies by scope 

During the engagement, Red Hat consultants partner with customers to:

• Extend SOE catalog and test jackets to add further use case coverage.

• Establish and extend compliance, security, and life-cycle management capabilities, including integration with external systems.

• Support skill-building and training.

Varies by scope 


With exclusive insight into upcoming features and product roadmaps, no consultant is better positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using open source and proprietary technologies. Red Hat Consulting teams offer:

  • Communication straight from the source: Consultants — many of whom are also active contributors to the upstream open source communities behind Red Hat technologies — work directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations, resulting in unparalleled expertise.
  • Diverse technical experience: Consultants provide guidance based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems — not just Red Hat products.
  • Mentor-based approach: Red Hat believes that knowledge must be open and shared, just like source code. Consultants give clients the information and skills to safely and efficiently migrate to Red Hat solutions.