AI/ML Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency

Organizations seeking to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and innovate at scale often struggle with costly proprietary solutions vendor lock-in, as well as isolated departments. At Red Hat, innovation is a byproduct of everything we do—our open source communities accept no less. More than ever, the same principles that brought open source software  success  are being adopted by enterprises to innovate and accelerate machine learning initiatives. 

The AI/ML Open Innovation Labs residency provides customers the skills, technology, and processes to accelerate data science initiatives projects, to adopt MLOps and to demonstrate the value of enterprise-wide adoption.

Whether it’s co-creating a disruptive product, accelerating cultural transformation in the enterprise, or discovering what’s possible with a suite of proven methods, AI Open Innovation Labs is designed to  accelerate organizations’ most innovative ideas.

Defining the path to innovation

An AI/ML Open Innovation Labs residency provides an environment for customers to develop applications and models with speed, agility, scalability, and increased security. During an AI/ML residency, a complete ML model life cycle will be implemented. Customers will work on data processing and cleansing, exploratory data analysis, build, train, and tune models, and automate deployment of the models for inference. With an Open Innovation Labs AI/ML residency, customers can:

  • Accelerate AI/ML projects—Work with Red Hat® subject matter experts to learn how to use and scale Red Hat OpenShift® Data Science to achieve business goals. Working across isolated centers, together with your data scientists, data engineers,  app developers, and operations teams, we will collaborate to build an AI-powered application prototype.
  • Experience MLOps for machine learning best practices—See how to take proven tools and an enterprise-hardened methodology to better adopt MLOps practices across the enterprise.
  • Access the full Red Hat portfolio—Develop, tune, validate, and deploy models and applications on Red Hat modular platforms.
  • Innovate anywhere—Access a more secure cloud environment (on-premise or any cloud) that allows authorized team members to work together from anywhere at any time.

Innovation realized

By the end of an AI/ML Open Innovation Labs residency, customers walk away with an end-to-end ML life cycle, which starts from raw data to a deployed model. During this time, Red Hat and the customer will work together on a real use case for their business. The practices and skills achieved during the residency will continue to promote ML maturity across the customer’s organization.

The residency will focus on three key areas to allow adoption of process, tools, and technology:

  • People—Continuous learning is a fundamental part of any Open Innovation Labs residency. Participants will get hands-on experience on data preparation, model development, testing, and training, as well as deployment with Red Hat subject matter experts.
  • Technology—Following the residency, customers leave with a working prototype, a baseline infrastructure, and feature backlog to build from the foundation they established during the residency. The prototype will be based on Red Hat’s Open Data Hub as well as Red Hat OpenShift to provide the right foundation. 
  • Methodology—Open Innovation Labs residencies use the principles of open source—open exchange, transparency, participation, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community—to implement MLOps and accelerate ML maturity within their organization. Participants can take these newly acquired practices, processes, and skills and apply them to other parts of the business. 
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