Successfully navigate your path to cloud-native services

Digital services require modern support systems

Advances in technology continue to provide new ways to deliver telecommunications services. To stay competitive, telecommunications companies must rapidly develop, introduce, and evolve digital services. Modernizing your operations and business support systems (OSS and BSS) can help you increase flexibility, speed, and innovation to become a successful digital service provider (DSP).

Container-based microservices architectures let you transform your OSS and BSS and build an adaptable foundation for the future. These cloud-native frameworks bring elastic scalability, higher reliability, and greater efficiency to your services and operations. Even so, OSS and BSS modernization can be a complex, time-consuming process. 

Industry leaders Red Hat and Amdocs can help you simplify and speed your digital transformation, no matter where you are in your journey.

Streamline your journey to digital services with Red Hat and Amdocs

Red Hat and Amdocs are trusted experts in cloud-native innovation and telecommunications OSS and BSS. With business approaches that encompass people, processes, and technology, the companies can help you transform business operations. As the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, Red Hat offers a production-grade, open source foundation for modern OSS and BSS environments. Amdocs, a leading telecommunications solutions provider, provides a cloud-native, open, and dynamic portfolio of digital solutions, platforms, and services to support customer growth, transformation, and cloud adoption. Both companies also deliver enterprise-grade global support and services to help you streamline your transformation.

Built on years of experience and best practices, Red Hat® and Amdocs solutions provide containerized, microservices-based architectures and automated continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to support rapid innovation and business agility. In fact, Amdocs uses Red Hat technology as the foundation for its internal cloud-native ecosystem. The company built a unified, automated CI/CD platform to develop, manage, and deploy cloud-native products across on-site and cloud environments. By creating key OSS and BSS applications as microservices, Amdocs delivers new features and services to market faster while reducing downtime for end customers and maintaining infrastructure freedom. Consequently, the new solution helped Amdocs increase release frequency from three to 12 times a year, reduce customer adoption time from weeks to days, and improve time to production by 20%.1 

Based on learning from their own cloud journey, Amdocs created its Microservices360 (MS360) development platform for customer use. MS360 incorporates Red Hat OpenShift® to provide an innovative platform for managing all aspects of microservices life cycles, from development to operations. The MS360 framework delivers well-defined and tested business process flows and allows you to operate your microservices on any cloud infrastructure. It also abstracts server management and low-level infrastructure decisions, freeing developers to focus on new features and innovation.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We recognize that each customer has different needs and requirements. Many of our customers have legacy environments but are moving steadily to the cloud. Our microservices-based applications and platforms can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure: public, private, or on-premise.

Cédric Gégout

Head of Technical Product Management, Amdocs

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Reduce risk in your cloud journey

Red Hat and Amdocs can help you adopt cloud-native operations with less risk. Deploy traditional, containerized, and microservices-based applications on a single, cross-infrastructure platform. Move workloads to the infrastructure—physical, virtual, or cloud—that makes the most sense at any time. Simplify development with built-in, standard tools and a unified, user-friendly interface. Take advantage of enterprise-grade support and expert service offerings to create a strategy for transformation, implement technology and processes, train your staff, and optimize operations.

Speed time to revenue

With Red Hat and Amdocs solutions, you can move new services and features from development to production faster. Speed development, testing, and deployment with automated CI/CD pipelines. Increase collaboration and adopt DevSecOps approaches with a platform that unites development, operations, and security teams. Reduce development and deployment risks with consistency across development, test, and production environments.

Rapidly adapt to change

Red Hat and Amdocs provide the tools and capabilities you need to adapt to changing market conditions. Deploy the services and functionality you need today and expand your capabilities as needs change with this modular solution. Easily change and improve application features—without impacting the stability of the rest of the application—using independent microservices.

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Red Hat and Amdocs deliver solutions, support, and expertise to help you modernize your OSS and BSS more rapidly, easily, and successfully.

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Using this solution internally, Amdocs transformed their own product development process to deliver


more frequent releases and


faster time to production for new services.1