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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

The automation opportunity

Automation is a top priority for customers due to demands for increased speed, scale, and complexity of their hybrid and multicloud environments. Organizations not only need the ability to create automation easily, but they also need to be able to share and reuse automation across projects and teams with the right level of governance and control.  Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is the industry's first enterprise automation platform that combines the simplicity of Ansible with the ability to scale and more securely share automation, ensuring higher efficiency and improved productivity.

Named a Leader by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™: Infrastructure Automation Platforms Q3 2020, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform integrates the best of Ansible’s underlying technology along with Red Hat Ansible Tower, an ecosystem of certified content collections and hosted services including Automation Hub, Automation Analytics, and Automation services catalog.

Whether an organization is just beginning its digital transformation journey through automation or is working to expand automation across more use cases and domains, Ansible Automation Platform provides the tools needed to implement automation faster.  

Benefits of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 

Ansible Automation Platform allows users to codify their infrastructure to quickly coordinate between multiple teams. The platform is already used and integrated in many cloud environments, letting customers create automation and reuse it in multiple environments. One of the largest communities  in the world—Ansible Galaxy— allows Ansible users to get started faster with a huge breadth of content and deployment scenarios.

Recreating and customizing automation for different domains takes time away from building critical services and customer experiences. Ansible Automation Platform uses highly composable automation, which also allows users to quickly push their automation projects into multiple domains. Developers, operators, and lines of business can engage with the platform in ways that make sense for their individual roles.

New hosted services included in Ansible Automation Platform transport the effects of enterprise automation to stakeholders across the business and make automation users more efficient. Analytics, policy and governance, and content management allow users to grow their automation with trusted content and collaborate across their entire IT infrastructure. 

Capabilities overview

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform integrates Red Hat’s powerful automation suite consisting of base Ansible technology, Ansible Tower, and powerful hosted services designed for organization-wide effectiveness. This powerful platform covers the Ansible automation use cases, including automation network, security, infrastructure, cloud, DevOps tools, and more. Whether an organization is just beginning its digital transformation journey through automation or is expanding across more use cases and domains, Ansible Automation Platform provides the tools needed to more quickly implement automation. 

Ansible Automation Platform provides secure content management, powerful analytics around automation deployments, and building blocks that can shorten the time to value when getting started with automation. These new hosted services help to drive a more consistent user experience and fuel better collaboration to solve more IT challenges. 

The platform allows users to take three actions. 

Create: Get started faster with enterprise automation by combining the power of Ansible’s massive open source community and prebuilt Collections of the most-used Ansible roles, plugins, and modules. Codify your infrastructure, then share across multiple teams where you are running deployments.

Operate: Easily transfer your automation into multiple domains and use cases. Developers, operators, and lines of business teams can now engage with automation in ways that make sense for their individual roles without slowing development time.

Use: Take automation even further with analytics, policy and governance, and content management. The new SaaS-based tools in Ansible Automation Platform drive efficiency for automation users, allowing you to solve problems once and share results.

  • Ansible Content Collections, a new packaging format that streamlines the management, distribution, and usage of Ansible content. 
  • Automation Hub, a repository for certified content via Content Collections with an option for private content creation.
  • Automation Analytics for improving automation efficiencies across Ansible Automation Platform deployments.
  • Automation services catalog, a venue for developers and business users to get quicker access to their automation resources across physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments, making projects easier to start.

Ready to try it?  Download a free trial today or learn more about Ansible Automation Platform features and success stories.

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