Argentine Ministry of Health tracks COVID-19 data with central, scalable platform

The Argentine Ministry of Health is responsible for addressing administrative issues related to health services and for guaranteeing the accessibility and quality of medical care to the country’s citizens and residents.


The Ministry of Health needed to handle the massive increase in disease reporting due to COVID-19. The collected data needed to be shared with the central government and the country’s 24 provinces.


The ministry created a COVID-19 panel that collects data on suspected cases, confirmed cases, and deaths, and creates graphics and reports organized by age and jurisdiction. As part of this work, the ministry updated from Red Hat OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4 to simplify application installation and improve resiliency for distributed applications with the service mesh component.


  • Achieved rapid scalability to support 1,500% increase in disease reporting
  • Improved data visibility to help national and provincial government agencies make public health decisions
  • Established effective IT foundation and tracking for vaccination scheduling

“We were able to scale quickly and create the pandemic-specific registries that the provinces needed to register COVID patients. If we had not had this platform from Red Hat, we would not have been able to respond to the incredible volume of transactions we faced in the pandemic.”

Fernando Núñez
National Director of Health Information Systems, Argentine Ministry of Health