Red Hat and Intel technologies for telecommunications RAN

Radio access networks are essential for modern communications

In today’s digital world, radio access networks (RANs) play a critical role in delivering innovative telecommunications services. As a result, many service providers are modernizing their networks to better take advantage of these growing digital business opportunities.

Transforming your networks with cloud-native and containerized technologies can help you optimize operations, improve scalability, and increase flexibility. Red Hat and Intel offer an integrated, validated foundation for cloud-native RANs to help you modernize faster and more easily.

Deploy a flexible, integrated foundation for RAN

Together, Red Hat and Intel deliver complete hardware and software stack for deploying cloud-native network functions (CNFs) like RAN. This solution provides a consistent, optimized operating environment from core to edge, simplifying both deployment and ongoing operations. A microservices architecture and Kubernetes orchestration offer efficient, dynamic scalability to align with changing service demand. 

Using the Intel FlexRAN 5G network reference architecture, each component of the technology stack is integrated, tested, and optimized together to deliver a reliable, high-performance foundation for CNFs.

Accelerate RAN deployment

Red Hat and Intel help you deploy cloud-native RANs quickly and efficiently. Save time and effort with a preintegrated and validated foundation that eliminates the need to research, integrate, and test the underlying hardware and software components. Configure and optimize your RAN according to best practices using the joint reference architecture. Protect your business with built-in security features that work across multiple layers of the solution.

Boost operational efficiency

The Red Hat and Intel solution allows you to operate more efficiently. Reduce complexity with a unified foundation for all CNFs, including RAN. Increase operational efficiency with built-in automation and Red Hat OpenShift operatorsOperators can automate a variety of software management tasks — including upgrades, failovers, and backups — to boost reliability, security, and efficiency. Operators are available for Intel accelerators as well as many third-party CNFs.

Customize and adapt your environment

Red Hat and Intel give you the flexibility and adaptability you need for modern telecommunications operations. Customize your environment with certified products and technologies from a large partner ecosystem. Choose the CNFs that best meet your organization’s needs at any point in time.

Optimize your performance

The Red Hat and Intel solution delivers high performance to support modern networks. Choose the underlying hardware platforms that fit your performance requirements. Maximize throughput and minimize latency with network hardware acceleration in a small, efficient form factor. Improve compute performance with RAN-specific hardware acceleration that offloads layer 1 forward error correction (FEC) algorithms from the main processor. 

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Modernize your network faster and more easily with a validated foundation from Red Hat and Intel.

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Between 2019 and 2025, global mobile data use will grow nearly


to 28 GB per subscriber per month.1

By 2025, there will be

24.6 billion

Internet of Things connections.1

Red Hat and Intel offer a modern, integrated, validated  RAN foundation to help you take advantage of digital business opportunities.