Optimize and migrate to cloud-ready IT with Red Hat and Intel

Digital transformation is a journey

In a digital world, your IT organization can be a significant business differentiator. However, complex, legacy infrastructure can complicate operations and prevent IT teams from providing the innovation and services their business requires. To support modern business initiatives, IT organizations must digitally transform and take advantage of new technologies and approaches like containers, hybrid cloud environments, and agile application development and deployment. Even so, digital transformation is not a single act—it’s an ongoing journey—and knowing where to start is critical.

Step one: IT modernization

Modernizing your IT infrastructure is the first step in most digital transformation journeys. IT modernization involves incrementally and methodically assessing and standardizing your infrastructure to improve operational efficiency. This streamlines day-to-day maintenance while increasing visibility and control, allowing IT staff to shift their focus to innovation. 

IT modernization generally occurs in two main areas: standardization and migration.

Upgrade infrastructure to a standard, security-focused operating environment

Operating multiple platforms results in numerous tools and processes for configuring, updating, and patching systems, impeding management and visibility. Standardizing on a flexible, security-focused infrastructure gives you a consistent foundation for streamlining IT operations and maintenance. A single set of management tools and procedures helps you gain control over IT resources, speed service delivery, and improve security and compliance. Additionally, a consistent infrastructure reduces the amount of staff training needed; accelerates update, upgrade, and patching operations; and permits more automation.

Migrate legacy infrastructure to a cloud-ready platform

Many proprietary and legacy platforms have high costs due to expensive license agreements and unchecked spread of virtual resources. And they often do not provide a clear path to cloud deployment. Migrating applications and workloads to an agile, cloud-ready platform can help you reduce costs and complexity while preparing for hybrid operations. Support for traditionally virtualized, cloud-native, and containerized applications lets you modernize and move workloads more easily and on your own schedule. An open, supported platform can also significantly reduce licensing expenses and vendor lock-in, giving you more budget and flexibility to innovate.

Modernize your IT with Red Hat and Intel

Red Hat and Intel deliver a modular, customizable architecture based on modern, industry-standard platforms and hardware optimized for cloud workloads and hybrid cloud deployments. These security-focused, cloud-ready solutions provide many benefits for your business and IT organization.

Streamline management and visibility

Consistent management processes and policies speed operations, increase visibility and control, and allow you to deliver IT services faster. Hardware-enhanced monitoring and administration provide greater resource efficiency and use.

Cut total cost of ownership

Consistent, streamlined operations and automation reduce the time and resources needed for regular IT maintenance. Industry-standard platforms and hardware that is optimized across applications let you use the same systems for multiple uses and help you avoid operational disconnects.

Increase performance

Modern platforms and processors enhance performance across a variety of workloads and applications. Unique security and encryption accelerators feature low overhead, reducing the impact on overall performance. Advanced network queuing technologies trim latency and improve speed.

Improve security and compliance

Consistent processes and policies make maintaining compliance easier. Automated monitoring and patching ensure systems are always up to date. Progressive security features like real-time encryption and hardware-assisted threat detection increase protection for your business and IT.

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IIT modernization is the first step in your digital transformation journey. Red Hat and Intel offer innovative, modular solutions to help you modernize your IT today and prepare for hybrid cloud operations in the future.

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