Red Hat Certification: To make teams skilled, proven, and ready

Hire and retain the right talent for your organization

Identifying quality professionals with the right skills is essential to project success.2 In fact, in a recent survey, Red Hat customers ranked skill and talent gaps in the top three barriers to digital transformation success. Red Hat Certification can help you hire the right people—and retain them. And hands-on testing validates that your team has the skills to effectively use the Red Hat technologies in which your organization has invested.

Develop technical talent within your enterprise

Keeping pace with technology changes is hard. Recruiting and managing IT professionals who embrace those changes is harder. By certifying with Red Hat, you can bolster the readiness of your team and mitigate the risk involved in new projects. Our approach uses hands-on exams to assess the ability of your team to perform in real-world use cases. Our certification uses:

  • Performance-based testing: We validate knowledge through hands-on, real-world skills instead of memorization and multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam security: Red Hat’s commitment to more secure testing environments and systems ensures the integrity of our certifications.
  • A global program: We offer our exams in a number of languages at locations and facilities worldwide, and there are Red Hat Certified Professionals in more than 200 countries.

Convenient ways to test

Hands-on certification exams can be taken in a classroom setting or scheduled individually at a convenient time and place. Your teams can now complete their learning path from anywhere using online options for training and remote testing.

Red Hat Certification exam formats
Individual exam
Testing center exam Testing center exams are delivered in locations worldwide with a specially-configured exam system. Candidates are observed by a remote proctor.

Remote exam

Remote exams are delivered using a live environment running on candidates' X86_64 Fedora-compatible systems and cloud-based environments. These exams are observed by a remote proctor. One type of remote exam, preliminary exams, do not confer certification.

Classroom exam
Classroom exams are scheduled exams that are publicly available and delivered in an IT classroom, typically to multiple examinees. These exams are monitored by an in-person proctor.
Onsite exam
Onsite exams test teams of people within your organization. Classroom exams and individual exams can be brought to your location separately or in conjunction with one of our training courses.

Boost your bottom line with Red Hat Certified Professionals

From Linux® training to DevOps certification, we have hands-on training and a practical certification path to fit your business goals. Trust Red Hat to help build skills and knowledge through flexible training options and real-world content—and validate those skills through hands-on certification exams. Maximize your team’s abilities and the impact of your organization’s technology investments with Red Hat Training and Certification.

Learn more about Red Hat certifications and exams.

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  2. 2020 Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook survey. Conducted by Red Hat via Qualtrics, August-September 2019.

According to the IDC study on the value of Red Hat certification:1

Certified new hires reach full productivity 38% faster than non-certified new hires.

Certified employees stay 15% longer than non-certified employees.

Certified new hires have a 10% greater chance of becoming high-performing contributors.