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Cloud-native operational and business support systems

Going cloud-native is a critical step in becoming a digital service provider. While the network is the typical focus, modernizing legacy infrastructure for operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) deserves equal attention.

As competition gets more innovative and aggressive for digital service providers (DSPs), legacy technologies cannot deliver services that meet changing consumer expectations. Operations teams have to do more with less while business owners have to deliver superior customer experiences faster. If you are a building or buying a modern OSS/BSS infrastructure, going cloud-native is fundamental for a successful digital transformation.

image container Figure 1. Cloud-native OSS/BSS

Keys to delivering exceptional digital experiences

  1. Run cloud-native OSS/BSS on a hybrid cloud, allowing efficient workload portability between bare metal, private, and public clouds. 
  2. Maximize automation across network and business operations.
  3. Adopt a DevOps culture and mindset to streamline and accelerate new service delivery.  

1  Innovate faster

Consumers expect a personalized digital experience. Successful DSPs increasingly offer services with business partners to grow their top line revenue. A monolithic BSS infrastructure cannot deliver that type of experience but an agile, cloud-native BSS can. If you face any of these challenges, a cloud-native BSS can make you agile enough to solve them.

  • Rolling out new services and features in a timely manner
  • Changing or adding functions to meet new business needs without affecting the reliability or availability of the entire system
  • Enforcing policies and procedures
  • Reducing manual business operations
  • Measuring business activity results across heterogeneous environments
  • Mining network and application data to identify new business opportunities
  • Maintaining flexibility for future technology and strategic choices while pivoting from traditional connectivity to higher-value digital services

2  Do more with less

Promising new technologies like containerization, vRAN and 5G require extra investment to maintain networks with fewer resources. If any of these objectives are a priority for you, cloud-native OSS can help solve your challenges by:

  • Lowering operational expenditure (OPEX).
  • Enhancing compliance and consistency.
  • Operating a resilient network with hyperscaler speed and agility. 
  • Scaling your capacity to manage rapid growth, new 5G, and vRAN deployments without incremental resources.
  • Using existing investment into legacy systems while adding new capabilities.
  • Maximizing developer creativity, focus, and productivity when solving core problems. 
  • Increasing security of your infrastructure and operations.

3  Build for the future

Cloud-native OSS and BSS infrastructure is fundamental to becoming a digital communications service provider, whether you build, buy or take a hybrid approach.

  • True workload portability allows you to develop once and deploy anywhere to meet changing business needs with greater agility.
  • Cloud-native development tools and platforms make it easier for developers to focus on innovating and shipping code.
  • Agile integration links new and refactored applications with legacy systems and connects across boundaries.
  • Automated business processes and everyday tasks to lower cost, reduce down times, and increase compliance and security.
  • Tap the rapid innovation of the open source community.

How Red Hat can help

Red Hat offers an open, integrated, and secure platform to build modern and flexible OSS/BSS solutions. 

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Learn more

Visit to learn about Red Hat and download the TMForum report “Cloud Native OSS/BSS” to learn how to deliver cloud native.

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