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Red Hat Services: Upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8


Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the leading commercial Linux distribution in the public cloud, is an intelligent operating system providing businesses with a consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud that delivers any application on any footprint at any time. Traditionally, organizations reduce system changes and bypass updates to avoid interruptions in day-to-day operations. However, older software versions can become more susceptible to security and stability risks over time, and businesses miss opportunities for new features to improve performance, scale, and manageability. A new strategy is needed to ensure performance and reliability—one that prioritizes controlled evolution over static environments.

The move from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 represents a significant achievement, balancing technology advancement with enterprise scale and stability. Featuring builtin management fueled by Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 delivers a faster and easier-to-deploy operating system with enterprise support and security for a common foundation across physical, virtual, cloud, and container platforms. With this control, confidence, and freedom, customers can focus the majority of their time and attention on managing and running applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Nonetheless, a major release upgrade of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux production environment can be complex.

Red Hat Consulting partners with organizations to assist in the transition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, helping them build a reliable process to upgrade and modernize systems. Experienced Red Hat subject matter experts mentor your teams on accelerated upgrade methods and develop a strategic framework that allows you to take advantage of the new version path, reducing risk. With this security-focused and efficient strategy, customers can adopt technology improvements and capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 without the strain on time and effort.

Get started with Red Hat Consulting

Red Hat Consulting helps customers quickly, iteratively, and strategically achieve value while building enterprise-wide capabilities. During a Red Hat Consulting engagement, teams receive training on the technology while learning and adopting methods and skills needed to sustain success now and into the future, even when the engagement is over.

In an initial 6-week engagement, Red Hat Consulting experts help customers discover, design, and initiate a migration pilot of systems from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Table 1. Red Hat Consulting initial engagement

Phase Action

Perform a discovery session to:

• Capture customer business drivers.

• Communicate constraints of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux upgrade toolkit and other upgrade options.

• Understand high-level considerations for existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 systems, operational environments, and provisioning processes.


• Lead an interactive design workshop including:

   • System and application discovery for systems in the scope of the project.

   • Integration with existing systems and processes.

   • Understanding of the current state of the environment.

   • The current provisioning process (end-to-end).

   • A demonstration of the upgrade from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 using the upgrade toolkit.

   • A migration pilot (3 types of servers).

• Perform testing of the designed upgrade process in nonproduction environments.

• Define the scope for the Initiate phase of the project.


• Identify the systems that will be part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 upgrade.

• Group systems by:

   • Application type.

   • Life-cycle environment.

   • Service-level requirements.

• Define and validate automated processes to upgrade systems from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

• Perform an upgrade of the first batch of previously identified items.

• Define the scope for the Scale phase of the project as a separate, follow-up engagement.

• Provide side-by-side mentoring throughout the engagement.

In a separate engagement after the initial 6-week design, validation, and scoping effort, Red Hat subject matter experts scale the project.

Table 2. Red Hat Consulting follow-up engagement

Phase Action

• Complete the upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 by continuing to iterate over the migration.

• Improve the process and automation throughout the engagement to accelerate system migrations.

• Deliver and review architectural and operational documentation.

• Provide side-by-side mentoring throughout the engagement.

Accelerate capabilities with Red Hat Training

Maximize your technology investment and master skills with our lab-intensive, real-world training. Through open enrollment, virtual classrooms, or a Red Hat Learning Subscription, Red Hat Training provides a current approach and practical application of new skills and methods to make the most efficient and effective use of modern technologies.

The Red Hat Services difference

Working directly with Red Hat engineering and support organizations, Red Hat Consulting teams bring advanced skills to deliver solutions using Red Hat products and open standards. With exclusive insight into upcoming features and product roadmaps, nobody is better positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using open source and proprietary technologies.

  • Straight from the source: Red Hat Consulting teams communicate directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations. Many of our consultants are also active contributors to the upstream open source communities behind Red Hat technologies, so they bring unparalleled expertise.
  • Diverse technical experience: Red Hat Consulting maintains deep expertise with open source and proprietary systems and applications platforms. Our comprehensive understanding of the technology market helps us provide clients with a complete view of their environment. Our guidance is based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems, not just our own products.
  • Mentor-based engagements: Red Hat Consulting’s approach gives clients the information and skills they need to move to Red Hat solutions in a safe and efficient manner. Red Hat believes that knowledge must be open and shared, just like source code.
  • Crucial, real-world training: Red Hat Training and Certification develops role-based knowledge through hands-on training covering emerging and foundational open source technologies. It helps build real-world skills that support critical commoditization and transformation projects alike.