Deliver a high-performance workstation experience in the cloud

Support your staff no matter where they work

Remote work capabilities allow organizations to build distributed teams of top talent — irrespective of location — and give staff the flexibility to work where they want. Organizations today are taking advantage of this opportunity. Remote work opportunities are available for 82% of employees in architecture and engineering professions, and 80% of employees in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media professions.1 Many of these professionals require high-performance workstations that support graphics-intensive workloads to design new and innovative products.

Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a cloud-based workstation solution that’s ideal for organizations with remote and distributed staff. With Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for Workstations on AWS, you can deliver a high-performance, low-latency, and fully featured workstation experience anywhere in the world.

Deliver a high-performance workstation experience anywhere

The Red Hat and AWS offering combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations and NICE DCV to deliver a workstation-as-a-service experience that rivals physical implementations. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations is a reliable, flexible solution optimized for graphics-intensive workloads like animation, computer-aided design and engineering, scientific research, and medical imaging. NICE DCV is a high-performance, security-focused remote display protocol that delivers desktop and application streaming from AWS to any device with up to 60 frames per second and 4K resolution.

The solution is delivered as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) running on graphic processing unit (GPU) accelerated cloud instances on AWS. These cloud instances provide the power and performance needed for demanding applications and workloads. And, you can deploy instances in the AWS region of your choice to meet your latency requirements and comply with regional regulations.

Support a global workforce while maintaining control and security

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations on AWS helps IT operations teams support their organization’s globally distributed workforce while maintaining IT control and security. Simplify networking, security, and management operations with systems and data that are based in a security-focused cloud environment, rather than across physically distributed hardware. NICE DCV helps to protect your data by streaming pixels — rather than geometries—and by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure both pixels and end-user inputs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations is also compatible with the Cisco IPsec client, smart cards, disk encryption via Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS), and SELinux to lock down desktop application environments.

The Red Hat and AWS solution also helps you manage your IT budget. End users can work on a variety of less-expensive, lower-performance hardware and operating systems. You can handle staffing changes without purchasing expensive new hardware or dealing with potential ownership issues. And, with Red Hat Cloud Access, you can use your existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations subscriptions on AWS. You can also apply your AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) and Red Hat Hybrid Committed Spend funds to this solution.

Gain benefits across your organization

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations on AWS provides key benefits for IT operations, systems administrators, and end users.

  • IT operations teams can maintain control and security while supporting a global workforce.
  • System administrators can take advantage of simpler workstation configuration and maintenance.
  • End users can gain mobility without compromising performance or functionality.

Simplify workstation configuration and maintenance

This workstation-as-a-service solution helps systems administrators configure and maintain workstations faster and with less effort. Create and manage operating system images — rather than physical workstations — to save time and increase consistency. Plus, because all remote desktops are based on centrally maintained images, you can roll out changes to all systems simultaneously and immediately.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations is based on the same foundation as other Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings, so you can continue to use your current management and provisioning tools. Streamline operations and manage systems at scale, across environments, with Red Hat Insights—a unique suite of hosted services included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations.

Gain mobility without compromising performance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations on AWS gives end users more flexibility and mobility without compromising performance. Work from anywhere, on your choice of laptop or desktop, with the same performance and features as a physical workstation. NICE DCV offers native clients for Windows, Linux, and macOS, along with an HTML5 client for web browser access, giving you more options. The solution supports 4K resolution, multiple displays, stylus pens, touch screens, USB devices, multichannel audio, smart cards, and file redirection. NICE DCV also provides near real-time responsiveness for your applications while maintaining image accuracy, even with varying network conditions. Finally, multiple users can view and control the same screen simultaneously, allowing you to collaborate more effectively with team members.

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  1. McKinsey & Company. “Americans are embracing flexible work—and they want more of it,” 23 June 2022.

Save time and effort with Red Hat Insights

Included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations, Red Hat Insights uses predictive analytics and deep domain expertise to reduce complex operational tasks from hours to minutes, including identifying security and performance risks, tracking subscriptions, and managing costs. With Insights, you can manage your systems at scale, across environments, from a single interface.

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