Deliver innovative apps with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Great customer experiences rely on applications

Worldwide, customers increasingly expect rich, personalized digital experiences from their vendors. Applications are critical for delivering these experiences and engaging your customers. In fact, 44% of CIOs say customer experience and engagement are a top-three technology investment priority.1 

To succeed, your organization must rapidly develop, deploy, and enhance innovative new applications. Cloud and container technologies can help you rapidly deliver cloud-native services and experiences to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. As a result, 52% of organizations expect to have at least 50% of their workloads containerized by the end of 2021.2

Red Hat and IBM offer a managed application platform service that lets you focus on delivering business value, rather than building and maintaining your underlying application infrastructure. Based on trusted cloud and container technologies, this service helps you accelerate application development, maintain application security, and modernize your infrastructure for a digital world.

Transform your application environment with Red Hat and IBM

Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud is a managed service that combines a cloud-native application platform with reliable, security-focused cloud infrastructure. Together, these technologies form a complete, flexible, and resilient hybrid cloud environment for fast, efficient application development, deployment, and innovation.

  • Red Hat OpenShift is a security-focused hybrid cloud platform optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation. It provides a consistent application foundation that lets you confidently develop and deploy applications across hybrid cloud environments.
  • IBM Cloud is a cloud platform that supports hybrid operations with proven security, compliance, and consistency for critical workloads. 
  • IBM servers and storage provide scalable, flexible, and security-focused infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments, both on IBM Cloud and on-site in your own datacenter.

This fully managed service delivers an intuitive user experience with simple cluster life-cycle management and built-in security on native Red Hat OpenShift clusters. IBM experts manage the container environment and underlying infrastructure for you with a 99.99% availability service-level agreement (SLA), allowing you to quickly get started, easily expand, and focus on delivering business value. Global availability and 24x7 site reliability engineering (SRE) support let you deploy applications and services closer to users to optimize performance, compliance, and costs. You can also deploy this solution in your own datacenter, giving you more choice and control. Finally, you can customize your environment with other Red Hat products — including Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform — knowing all components will work together reliably.


of CIOs cite customer experience and engagement as a top-three technology investment priority.1

Applications are essential for delivering the rich digital experiences your customers expect.

Red Hat and IBM offer a managed application platform service that lets you focus on delivering business value, rather than building and maintaining your underlying application  environment and infrastructure.  

Accelerate application development and revenue

Applications are critical for generating revenue in a fast-paced digital world. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud helps you develop, deploy, and scale applications faster to speed time to revenue. Support your developers with rapid self-service resource requests and delivery. Accelerate application life cycles with integrated development tools and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Ensure reliability and availability with automatic scaling and orchestration across your entire environment.

Maintain application security

Security remains a top concern, especially when moving to the cloud. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud helps you maintain application security across global hybrid cloud environments. Build security into your applications from the start with integrated support for DevSecOps methodologies. Protect applications no matter where they are deployed with built-in platform, cloud, and infrastructure security capabilities like multilevel workload, compute, cluster, and cloud isolation; automatic encryption of secrets and volumes, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes; and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services. IBM also manages security configuration and patching to keep your environment up to date with the latest protections and standards.

Modernize your IT infrastructure and applications

Digital business requires modern, hybrid cloud technologies. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud helps you quickly build a flexible hybrid cloud environment. Reliably deploy, run, and manage applications on your choice of infrastructure with a consistent technology foundation. Adopt cloud-native application development and deployment approaches using integrated tools that work the same across your environment. Migrate existing applications to the cloud more easily with a connected architecture from datacenter to cloud. Improve IT efficiency with standardized platforms and common operations. Scale cost-effectively with metered billing and global availability.

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Discover the value of Red Hat OpenShift

Organizations that use Red Hat OpenShift experience:


faster app development life cycles.3


faster feature development life cycles.3


more efficient IT infrastructure teams.3


higher annual revenue from addressing new opportunities and ensuring higher customer satisfaction.3