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Become a digital leader with Red Hat, Intel, and SAP

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Digital business requires modern IT

To remain successful in fast-evolving markets, organizations must embrace digital business practices and up-to-date IT infrastructure. In fact, 54% of organizations cite digital transformation as one of their top three technology initiatives.1 

As a critical part of your business infrastructure, your SAP® environment can also benefit from modernization. To continue receiving SAP support, you must migrate your underlying databases to SAP HANA® and your existing SAP applications to SAP S/4HANA® by 2027. This migration presents an opportunity to modernize and realign your SAP environment with overall IT digital transformation initiatives. Modernizing by migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and Intel technology can provide:

  • Faster data access for users and applications.
  • More accurate insight via machine learning models.
  • Increased agility to better support digital business demands.

Open source leaders Red Hat and Intel help you navigate digital transformation and modernization with solutions that provide more choice, flexibility, and innovation.

Modernize your SAP environment and IT foundation with Red Hat and Intel

Based on long-standing collaborative engineering relationships with each other and SAP, Red Hat and Intel provide a modern foundation for both your IT infrastructure and your SAP landscape. Red Hat® and Intel® solutions let you build a standardized, consistent architecture throughout your organization to better support digital business needs. The companies combine open source platform, Kubernetes and container technologies, IT automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and integration software with innovative processors, storage, and networking to deliver a flexible, high-performance infrastructure for critical workloads. All components are tested and certified to work together with high reliability, stability, and manageability.

Increase business agility

Red Hat and Intel solutions help you increase business agility. Support fast, agile development with DevOps, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, microservices, and containers. Simplify and speed operations by connecting infrastructure across your organization using advanced integration capabilities. Support unique and changing business needs by customizing your environment with certified third-party products.

Gain faster insight

Red Hat and Intel solutions deliver faster, more accurate insight from your data. Achieve greater understanding from your data with integrated solutions that are engineered and optimized together. Gain rapid insight with world-record SAP performance.2 Analyze large datasets quickly with persistent memory and support for advanced analytics workloads.

Boost business continuity

Red Hat and Intel solutions help you keep your SAP and IT environments up and running. Increase IT stability and reliability with a highly available operating environment. Keep your IT and SAP environments more secure and up to date with up to four years of support for select operating system minor releases. Smooth updates and upgrades with binary compatibility, kernel stability, in-place upgrade capabilities, and live patching for important and critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Identify vulnerabilities and remediate threats before they impact critical operations with predictive operating system analytics for availability, security, stability, and performance. Speed startup and recovery time with persistent storage.

Empower innovation

Red Hat and Intel solutions let you free staff and budget for innovation. Improve efficiency and resource use by running both general IT and SAP workloads on the same infrastructure. Consolidate workloads and databases onto fewer systems with high-density memory and SSDs. Reduce storage costs with large-capacity, persistent memory. Streamline operations and lower staff training needs by standardizing on a single set of platforms and processes. Increase the speed and accuracy of common tasks, as well as SAP HANA application deployment, through automation.

Red Hat and Intel can help you modernize and migrate to SAP HANA

Using adaptable, integrated platforms, Red Hat and Intel empower you to modernize on your schedule. Continue using your existing applications and connect them with new applications and infrastructure over time. Refactor legacy applications and extensions to operate more flexibly and efficiently. Deploy a foundation for new cloud-native and containerized applications and workloads, like SAP Data Hub and machine learning, to prepare for the future.

Red Hat can also help you modernize your SAP environment. By combining open tools and standards, industry insight, organizational knowledge, and proven methodologies, Red Hat Consulting works with you to modernize your IT architecture, migrate to a flexible cloud infrastructure, implement a storage solution, or accelerate business agility by deploying containers on cloud. Plus, Red Hat and Intel collaborate with leading systems integrators (SIs) to migrate and modernize your SAP landscape.

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Modern business runs on data. Transforming your IT and SAP environments can help you become a digital leader. Together, Red Hat and Intel deliver a flexible, high-value IT foundation to help you accelerate data access, deliver more accurate insight, and improve agility to better support evolving business demands.

Learn more at redhat.com/sapIntel.com/sap, and intel.com/redhat.