Dynatrace software intelligence enhances Red Hat OpenShift

From government to retail to tech, many of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Dynatrace software intelligence solutions to help modernize and automate cloud operations. As a Certified Red Hat OpenShift Operator, Dynatrace has kept pace with dynamic changes to the industry and created a competitive point of difference in a crowded field. For customers, this means simpler management, less downtime, and a more accurate picture of their containerized applications.


  • Improved monitoring reduces mean time to repair from 75% to 90%, and cuts problems reaching production by 80%
  • Kept pace with dynamic changes to the industry and created a competitive point of difference
  • Helped win new business across diverse industry sectors

Mapping a client’s infrastructure performance

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to map the performance of clients’ IT environments. As industries create new digital workflows, Dynatrace solutions simplify cloud complexity and accelerate transformation. 

Many of the world’s largest enterprises now rely on Dynatrace solutions. These solutions help modernize and automate cloud operations, release better software faster, and deliver unrivaled digital experiences.

Leading the hybrid cloud monitoring space

Dynatrace became a Red Hat Certified Partner in 2016. Today it is a certified partner for Red Hat Enterprise LinuxRed Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. “From a technology perspective, we knew OpenShift was where we wanted to focus,” said Horsman. “We knew Kubernetes was going to be the future, and that if we wanted to be a leader in the hybrid cloud monitoring space we had to be certified.”

As a Certified OpenShift Operator, Dynatrace AI-powered insights and actions monitor and orchestrate applications, clusters, and underlying cloud infrastructure in Red Hat OpenShift, which provides an enterprise-grade Kubernetes experience. This lets Dynatrace help automate their clients’ entire hybrid multicloud ecosystem.

Accelerating application workloads

Improved outcomes for customers

The engagement significantly improves operations for Dynatrace clients. As clients race to develop new applications and digital services, the less time spent operating , the more time can be spent developing new applications​.

Dynatrace provides continuous real-time topology of customers’ Red Hat OpenShift containerized applications. With full stack monitoring of Red Hat OpenShift, and AI based root cause analysis, users cite 75% to 90% lower mean time to repair, and an 80% reduction in problems reaching production​.

“Dynatrace helps us proactively catch situations before they get out of control,” said one government customer. “Rather than chasing fixing issues, it means we’re better able to help the people we’re here to serve.”

Dynatrace provides visibility to move monolith applications onto Red Hat OpenShift and into production faster without a large server overhead, which means applications get to the cloud faster.

Maintained leadership position in dynamic sector

The partnership with Red Hat is one of the building blocks of Dynatrace’s long term strategy. “We targeted Red Hat and AWS five years ago, as we saw both as pivotal to future IT trends. We pursued this partnership with Red Hat. We see it as key to the whole cloud orchestration piece,” said Horsman.

It is a partnership Dynatrace expects to become increasingly important. Application development is business critical, sales channels are switching to digital, and every industry is in some form of transformation. Dynatrace is ideally positioned to help customers make this transition.

“The world is changing and changing quickly. Remote working and e-commerce is everything. Clients’ applications are getting hit harder every day,” said Horsman.



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Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We are extending the Dynatrace platform’s broad and deep observability, continuous runtime application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities with Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio to help customers accelerate innovation, at speed and at scale

Eric Horsman

Global Director, Strategic Alliances, Dynatrace

Helped win new business across diverse industries

Dynatrace is the only full-stack monitoring platform that is container-aware and comes with built-in monitoring support for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift via the OneAgent Operator. 

It has helped Dynatrace win customers as diverse as fashion retailers, auto-tech leaders, and government agencies.

Dynatrace has a dedicated marketing resource working full-time to pitch the value of the partnership to clients. 

Beyond orchestration and into automation

The future, according to Horsman, is beyond orchestration and into automation. The promise of automation is efficiency, certainty, and reliability. This will be critical as industries continue to rely on their digital channels.

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. It was founded in 2005 in Austria, but is today based in the United States. Dynatrace has more than 50 offices worldwide. www.dynatrace.com